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  1. 0.2.9 released, with new improvements
  2. 0.2.7 Released, Check First Page for More Info
  3. okay i will try to target .net framework 2.0 but you will notice that it works in .net framework 3.5
  4. thanks for making the addon and updating it as well
  5. Version 0.2.3 Released, Check Main Post for more info
  6. Thanks Thank you Thanks I may release a second version today or tomorrow
  7. thanks well it is a custom blur in vb.net so it will work on 7 or vista without aero. Thanks i will start to add some buttons.
  8. Glass CMD for XP after the release of Glass CMD for Vista/7, some of my friends on dA asked me to make one for XP, so here it is Author Mohamed Kamal Requirments : Needs at Least .Net Framework 3.5 : Here Updates : not too much just updated the look and enabled the right click menu, adjusted scroll bar and the blur edges, increased the width, with some other improvements Download : From dA : Here Original Idea and Vision for Vista By fediaFedia : Here
  9. Thanks but i don't want to have it about aero ______________________________________________________ Version 0.2.1 Released
  10. hi all Developing is now active again (i finally took my vacation yesterday, working on it from since) okay folks , i need your help since i am going to change the name of the program I have been thinking about some names but i can't get some thing catchy , current my option is WindowSkin (i wish that i could use WinSkin instead but there's winskin.com) ,ExplorerSkin is suggested before but it is taken SO PLEASE ANYONE THAT HAVE ANY NAME PLEASE POST IT BECAUSE I AM REALLY OUT OF IDEAS :crying_anim02: ------------ Since i don't want to spend a week trying to find a name for the application rather than release it, here's what has been suggested : Metallica Skin (MS) , Fraero (free aero) , Quiro (quick aero) , Aevo , GlassXP , Metallica Skin (MS) , Glass XP Aero XP , XP-skin , Apptastic , PeanutSkin , TPWD (The Perfect Window Manger) , TUWD (The Ultimate Window Manger) , Diamond-XP , Glowy , GLOW (Glass Light On Windows) , WinBlur , WinDecorations , WinDecor , WinDecorSkin , SkinDecorations , SkinDecor , SkinFrame , WindowSkin , WinGBK (Windows Glass Blur) , WinBlurSkin , BlurSkin , WinBlurXP , BlurXP , Kskinner(Komalo skinner) , SkinWinnerK (komalo winner skin) i came up with WinComposite and WinCrystal And to tell you the truth, i am a little on "WinCrystal" side , so i am thinking about it as the name, if any one saw one of the other names will be more suitable please suggest it now
  11. Exclusion List upgraded in 0.3, you can now exclude programs by process name and class name, and specify a skin for a certain window screenshots : Example : AeroBlue is Applied only on Explorer http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/6075/exclutionwindow.png Aero Explorer : AeroExplorer is Applied only on Explorer http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/150/aeroexplorer.png Edit : i just took the permission from fediaFedia to use his skin Windows Aero Beta for WB by fediaFedia Here's a New Screen Shot
  12. np , and this happens with me all the time (double posting :sweatingbullets: )
  13. i didn't put an option for this yet because it is still unstable sometimes but i will put it in the next version since you want it , nice suggestion btw :thumbsup_anim:
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