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  1. This installer is not NSIS script like Redxii.

    If you are looking for his script package the download is here: RedDXRuntimes.7z

    This installer is done using the INF method set out by Code65536.

    here is a quote:

    Once you peel away all the layers, the DirectX runtime installation is actually quite simple: copy the appropriate files to system32, register some files, and you're done. No security catalogs are needed as all of the DLLs have embedded signatures. There is nothing else in the Windows install process that depends on these runtimes, so it doesn't matter when these runtimes get installed. All these factors make these runtimes a perfect candidate for a switchless installer:

    Much smaller integration size: adds just 6 MiB to the final CD size. With multiple versions of the same libraries, there is a lot of code duplication, which means that there would be significant compression wins when using a large continuous dictionary--a perfect showcase for 7zip's solid compression with a large dictionary size. Traditional integration would involve individually compressing each file, which means that you can't take advantage of all this code duplication (similarly, a small dictionary size, like that of RAR, also means that you can't fully take advantage of code duplication).

    Simpler integration. Just one file in svcpack and one line to add to svcpack.inf.

    Can be used in any context. Makes testing easier as you can run this on any system, at any time, not just during system setup. Can be used to install the runtimes on live systems, etc.

    This is one case where a custom switchless installer via svcpack is a clear, unequivocally superior option to a "traditional"/"true" integration.

    Thank you for the link and explanation.

    Thank you.


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