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  1. Updated to QFX_KeyScrambler_2.9.1_Addon.cab
  2. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.17.0.963.78 CRITICAL security update EDIT 03-11: updated to v.17.0.963.79
  3. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.17.0.963.65 EDIT: due to a CRITICAL Javascript change/bug Updated Google Chrome SE to v.17.0.963.66
  4. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.17.0.963.46
  5. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.16.0.912.75
  6. pcforumguy user_hidden made this pack as an addon to integrate easily like any other addon.
  7. No, it is one day newer than build 2838 (2839 is no public release)
  8. kassyan_123, I had already noticed that behaviour caused by a hardcoded path in the installer. I have been trying changing the path in the MSI, but it returns errors for not finding his database and the setup is being aborted. Finally I contacted the author, but as the problem doesn't occur on Win7, he denies the problem. Guess we'll have to live with it... Maybe, whenever I have more time, I'm going to look into it some more.
  9. Updated Google_Chrome_SE_15.0.874.120_AddOn.cab
  10. Updated to v (multimode) Major update with new burn libraries.
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