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  1. well it seem that you extracted the installer

    you need a switch so can you upload the program or the web site and i will try to find the switch for you


    i found a version

    Silent Switch is "/Silent"

    i hope it works for you

    The reason i extracted those contents, becos i wan to make some tweaks on it. Now I have done my tweaks, but i wan compress it again and there's no exe or msi to guide me to install progress...? Even though i compressed them, the setup.exe /silent not works at all becos no "setup.exe" inside extracted files. So How?

    Edit: i'm using rarsfx method

    Link: Official link

  2. sorry, i'm new newbie. I successfully built few addon before. Recently, i just faced a problem.

    I'am using universal extractor to extract an Thunder Xunlei5 installer (a chinese intenet download manager). But there're NO exe or msi file that lead to setup progress even though inside those folders.

    The concept of Run "program.exe /S" is no longer work at all since there's no exe or msi file exist at all in extracted contents.

    Following is the extracted content. Any expert guide me pls...


  3. I tried to built addon for C++ 2008 redistributable pack. But failed..

    I used cMenu to identify the installer type but it said unknown. Then i tried to extract it using universal extractor. It's being extracted successfully but inside the install.exe is known as "Microsoft external installer". It's undetectable by cMenu. My work progress stuck at here. Can any provide me a guide for this installer or built silent installer for this?

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