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  1. To be honest, i don't mind vista, i use it, haven't encountered too many problems with it

    except a mad hunt for digital camera drivers

    all and all i think its a pretty sweet OS

    I love the GUI and the ready-boost feature

    along with being able to "stack" files

    and we cant forget about the good ol'e search from anywhere feature

    but i will admit

    from my experiences

    its the WORST gaming OS ever


    not that i do much computer gameing anyway, thats what a PS3 is for! :P

  2. Hello!

    Im searching any information of this error but really cant find it.. I also dont have a clue how to reinstall WMP. Vista simply doesn't let me because it says that update is older version that i have. I have deleted codecs and reinstalled them. I have also uninstalled some vista updates but still no change. :confused02: Any suggestions how can i reinstall wmp?


    try to do a system restore to when WMP was actually working, then retrace your steps from there to make sure you don't get this problem again :)

  3. For many years now we have struggled with many measurements of elongated time...such as hours, days, months, years, decades, millenniums, this has to stop. I propose one standard measurement of time..the...flush!

    You see, while this may sound quite far fetched, studies show, the complexity of peoples lives have been decreased by exponential proportions where this system has been tried. Places such as southern Australia and...Guam.

    Once you familiarize yourself with the new system, it becomes quite a handy tool..for example;

    Four months equals two thousand flushes.

    now with our greatest weapon...cross multiplication we can easily find the correct time in flushes.

    4mo 1mo

    ------ --------

    2000Fsh X

    X=2000Fsh multiplied by 1mo divided by 4 mo equals...500Fsh


    For many of us, this will become a time consuming and inconvenient task. That's why we have constructed this convenient conversion chart for practical every day use.

    10yrs = 60000 flushes

    1 year = 6000 flushes

    9 months (for those of us who cant keep it in our pants) = 4500 flushes

    6 months = 3000 flushes

    4 months = 2000 flushes

    2 months 1000 flushes

    1 month = 500 flushes

    1 week = 112 flushes

    1 day = 16 flushes

    1 hour = .6 flush

    We realize that this will take some time to get used to, but, its worth it. Everyone who signs up for the program will receive free tote bag and water bottle.

    Thank you,

    Father Time

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