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  1. If you add the -ai switch the SFX is ran silently.

    If you want it silent when double clicked or ran without any switches, you have to modify the script.

    You have to understand the syntax of a 7zip SFX. There is many topics explaining it here, or see the help file.


    Does this silent switch still apply to this? I'd like to make it silent installer, no progress bar visible.

  2. @Thiersee,

    I made a test in x86 configuration, (but forgot to integrate KB3004394) : all is OK ; for IE 11 we need KB2976627 and KB3008923, but not KB3003057.

    I'm actually testing x64 UL.

    For KB3004394, you can't install any KB after it via WU ?? did you try to install it in RunOnce ?


    Im working with x64 only.... I used whole pack from last month and I started installing those 8 manually (in vmware) ....after KB3004394 I couldnt install anything else, so I uninstalled it, rebooted and then rest of them went in smooth.

  3. So, since KB2949927 is no longer available on WU or/and M$ catalog, I got rid of it and added back KB2847077 & KB2862966 then ran a test in vmware...after a clean install, WU asked for KB2718704 & KB2732500...I added them and ran another test, finally nothings shows up on WU and nothing superseeded after DeepClean scan.


    What a mess this month, right? :D


    All done with win7 pro sp1 x64

  4. Hi rhahgleuhargh,


    just an info for you before you publish the ULs:


    KB2949927 replaces not only KB2847077 but KB2862966 too

    KB2984972 replaces not only KB2861855 but KB2932378 too



    Funny thing, as I ran few more tests and now KB2862966 shows up on WU! so I integrated it, ran another test and .....nothing on WU!


    Yes ! It's the result of deep-clean log. Strange, no ? Of course, this update is needed.



    Very strange, but it were not the first time from MS that such strange things happen....

    I just updated  fresh installed PC and after restart I started a deep clean: indeed, KB2984981 has been uninstalled!

    After a restart I checked for update by WU: nothing!

    May be, it has only replaced a file...


    Anyway I'll try an installation without this update and see, what happens.





    I already done that, without KB2984981 and it wasn't offer in WU anymore.


    At the same time I removed KB2584146, KB2685939, KB2718704, KB2965788, KB2984981 - these were uninstalled in my previous test, after I ran DeepClean scan.


    Again, after a clean install in VMware, nothing shows up in WU, not even KB2993928  (ASP.NET MVC 4.0)


    All tested on Windows 7 SP1 Pro x64

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