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  1. GDI+, MRT & WGAN are all just a regkey that set this elements as present in the system, even if they are not material present. Fontreg is executed one during the windows setup, then is deleted. For the browser choice, we have to thank the EU antitrust...

    hi tnx for information i didnt know that gdi+ mrt & wgan are reg. keys i dont want t remove them now

    but browser choice is usless and im 100% sure it can be removed i even had xp sp3 cd build whit this pack but whitout browser choice there was some small .7zip or .cab file that you integrate in nlite and it remove's browser choice KB update...

    but yea it is not that critical need for removing that update but it can be removed i just cant find or remember name of that litte file that removes browser choice with nlite:)

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