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  1. Thanks a lot for clearing things up for me. I have IE8 installed, the said update was automatically installed by windoows update, so was confused.
  2. It is mentioned under 'what is include': KB2360131 - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP This update is for Internet Explorer 8 according to Microsoft. pls clarify
  3. do as follows 1. get the image u wish to use as oem logo 2. Change the resolution of the image to 182x114 pixels and save as oemlogo.bmp (convert to Bitmap before saving) 3. Makecab 4. copy oemlogo.bm_ to i386 directory of windows xp installation folder, overwrite if necessary 5. open txtsetup.sif file in notepad (you'll find it in i386 folder) 6. search for ntimage.gif in txtsetup.sif file (use Ctrl+F method) 7. You'll find this line: "ntimage.gif = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0" 8. add: "oemlogo.bmp = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0" below the the above line without the quotes(use copy/paste method) 9. save txtsetup.sif file 10. burn ur xp cd using nLite 11. done.
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