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  1. Hi Guys,

    I recommend you to use the new Version 1.2.4 of DriveInfo Gadget:


    I have fixed many Problems and add new Functions since V1.0 from Kris Thompson.

    Vista SP2 is out, MS will have reduced the Memory use in the new Version of Sidebar, I hope the new Version works with Alky 1.1 too.

    If you have more than two sidebar.exe Processes, terminate all sidebar.exe Processes and start the Sidebar new.


  2. Spiderman-3, you have to patch a virgin/untouched sidebar.exe (one that has not been patched with alky)... So download these Windows SP1 Sidebar files, take sidebar.exe and patch it with your skin, then copy it to the Windows Sidebar dir and overwrite the old one

    Now right click on sidebar.exe and choose "Patch and Run Vista Executable"

    You are the best !!

    I used the patched sidebar.exe from Package.

    Now it works fine, my Glass Gadgets needs a transparent Background.


    Download, Sidebar Build 18000 "en-US" with no Skin (ready to use, patched with Alky 1.1):


    Thank you Rick !

  3. ARRG! I just reformatted and now I have the weather gadget bug... (did not have it on the last nLite ISO build, gonna try to figure out why)

    And en-US gadgets should work on ALL machines no matter what language you have. I have tested this out on spanish XP, en-US gadgets work.

    What kind of weather bug ?

    Perhaps this do help:

    Search the Folder "weather" ("Microsoft\Windows Live\Services\Cache\weather") and delete all xml Files, then open the Settings Menu from Weather Gadget and click only OK.



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