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  1. Sorry for repeating myself (i'm not post hunting ), but yes, the latest ie9 installers don't need any other update. I can say this for today, maybe next patch tuesday things will change (but maybe another updated ie9 installer will come out)
  2. WOW. Looks great. The export button is a MUST, after a session is finished, and I see you've already taken it into account. All I can think of is making sure that the order of integrating updates stays the same, and by that I mean firstly integrating KB9xxxx, and afterwards KB2xxxxx, both in the last preset list, and in the program's updater.
  3. From my integrating experiences, I can also confirm that adding the latest ie9 build (ccleaner reffers to as ie9 9.0.2) is equivalent to installing the original ie9 build + all the later updates.
  4. Yep. Can this be made for windows 7 toolkit 1.3.0? A blogger for example, if he wants for his readers to ''pimp up" their win7 install dvd, such a feature would make the readers to ''waste'' less time then having to check every feature/update/uatever, switching from the browser to the program.
  5. This is a very important feature that made nlite for example to really stand out. I think that this feature should trigger in after choosing the windows 7 image and just before showing all the tabs from AIO tool. For anyone who is recommending win7 toolkit to other newbies, a feature like this should be very useful, since they can also recommend what tweaks/services/etc to choose/check. I'll check out 1.3.0 build 30 alpha later today and make another thread with secondary requests. But really hope this very important one will catch the 1.3.0 Beta train. Thanks.
  6. Pretty everything is working ok with build 36, and no more DISM warnings I have 2 questions: 1. Can the .cab SOLOR updates be supported by win7 toolkit? None of the 3 updates can be used by the cab update installer (error like this). 2. Can you modify KB2533552 so that it can be manually updated (for both x86 and x64) as a .cab file (which is contained in the .msu) with the same tool (cab update installer)? And if possible to be recognised by windows update as an installed update after windows install. Also your warning maybe needs to be modified... this one. It's not really true, since some .infs MUST be integrated through DISM alongside their .exe install or unistall utility... for example some usb 3.0 drivers that aren't installed otherwise. SO DISM really integrates SOME .exes...
  7. BTW Legolash2o ... a new version of imagex helps for your app dev? Or should it be only integrated intro windows setup?... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2525084 Also, two small requests for now... please make the remove libraries from my computer tweak work. In version 32 it didn't. And make another tweak please (sorry if I missed it) so that my computer shortcut doesn't go to my libraries (as explained here). I think the two tweaks are connected. And what about the 3 cab's Solor recommend to integrate directly? You can find them here or here for x64/x86. I tried the cab update installer but it didn't work in build 32. Is it possible to also make that can installer install KB2533552 (x86 or x64)?
  8. I can confirm that the problem me and oguz are experimenting is because of build 34. Build 33 intregrates all the drivers just fine, without any warnings. Also, I don't have the courage to integrate the drivers with the build 34, to see if that warning can be ignored.
  9. A very important bug of either win 7 toolkit, either dism... you can see it as a screen capture of a warning here. Maybe it's because dism got updated through ahotfix in Solor's updates... i remember reading of such an update. the result: ~ 100 drivers are skipped by the latest version (34) of win 7 toolkit.
  10. To all questioning how drivers are integrated in windows 7 by windows 7 Toolkit... IT'S THE BEST METHOD OF INTEGRATING DRIVERS INTO A WINDOWS OFFLINE IMAGE EVER BUILT. PERIOD. I've used for the past month an image built with windows 7 Toolkit (with all the drivers for mass storage, chipset, lan and wireless lan) on 10 different setups, and I've NEVER encountered a problem. USB 3.0 were also present on some systems, with exactly a Renesas (NEC) device. My ratings for various operating systems: The best tool for xp - driverpacks utility - GOOD. For vista - there isn't any. I've retried vlite, vista tool and (both with BSOD's on many systems) and other DISM utilities. Fot Windows 7 - Windows 7 Toolkit - EXCELLENT!
  11. I have a question... KB982018-v3 updates some native drivers inside windows 7. But for AMD SATA/AHCI, the one from AMD's site is newer. So, if I integrate in the same run of windows 7 toolkit both that update and the AMD driver, is there a chance that the newest driver integrated can be overwritten by the one in that update? ricktendo also asked about the order of integrating updates... Please answer him (i'm also interested). Thanks.
  12. @Mr_Smartepants Why you won't make separate packs for vista / 7 really eludes me. Windows 7 Toolkit is one of the few apps that can integrate drivers for win 7, but if an user tries to integrate any of your packs, surely something will go wrong with that older vista drivers. For vista there is no app I know of that can integrate all the drivers btw. And I've tried a bunch, including vista tool from your forum or your ,,recommendation" that also uses DISM (gdism eldi)... Legolash2o investigated this issus and concluded that DISM and vista is a no-go. sorry for the offtopic. and please Mr_Smartepants, if you want to further discuss this, use the pm. thanks. ontopic: if RT 7 Lite was brought to disscusion, one aspect that was very prolific at was its removal of many win 7 features (much more than win 7 toolkit). Really hope Legolash2o will have the time to add more options to the removal part of its app. @N1K Sorry if I was misunderstood. The reason I asked was because I'm going to ask my readers to help with the development (and so to donate) of some free apps, so I didn't know what link I should give them. Now I know.
  13. I've just tried build 27... boot.wim is lighter by 3 mb than with build 26, so everything seems ok now. Thank you very much for all the support. Great app... going to spread the word about it. BTW... you still don't want any donations? only for wincert?
  14. Waiting for build 27 then. Thanks.
  15. Tried your latest version with an updated version of the driverpacks sorted by me. This time I removed drivers not needed for the common user (RAID drivers for some professional adapters for example) and added some USB 3.0 very useful drivers (VIA and Fresco Logic adapters). Also removed drivers that were only for vista (inspected the original packages from the producer's site and the station driver's site) and drivers that were needed for SATA/AHCI ports for other producers than Intel, AMD and Marvell because they don't support TRIM command for SSDs through the driver (and windows 7 supports that command natively). And of course updated with newer drivers (for AMD AHCI for example, even newer than driverpacks's 24 may package). The result? For mass storage, chipset, LAN, WLAN and card readers - only 185 drivers for x64 version of 7 (here) and 184 drivers for x86 version of 7 (here). All of them were superbly integrated by Windows 7 Toolkit. :thumbsup_anim: However, in my last intervention I've said something wrong, and it was not my fault - in the mass storage folder of driverpacks, in the Jmicron subfolder some non-mass storage drivers are contained. These are seen as they should by your app as MTD (for card reader device) and 1394 (firewire device), so these drivers SHOUDN'T go in the boot.wim (in the boot.wim only the SYSTEM, HDC and SCSI ADAPTER drivers should be integrated). So please make this changes to your app, since your latest version integrates 1394 and MTD drivers in the boot.wim. Sorry for the misunderstanding. LE: And if someone from driverpacks sees this post - please make distinct versions of driverpacks for 7 and vista!
  16. WOW. BIG WOW!!! Such a feature would be FANTASTIC! On ryanvm especially there are such addons... but if it's too hard / with a big potential to bug up you app, only non-custom switchless installer will suffice.
  17. The latest build can integrate with the skip drivers check option pre-ticked 261/262 drivers. GREAT!!! :thumbsup_anim: I've also seen that one of the improved features of your app is HDD Drivers now integrate into Boot.wim. Can you pleae make sure that all mass storage drivers (64 of windows 7 x86 ones) from here go into the boot.wim? I'm asking because win 7 toolkit sees them as different purpose ones, besides SCSI, also HDC, system, 1394 or MTD ones. Thank you in advance.
  18. yes, they do, at first, as you can see here... http://imageshack.us/m/219/129/beforeadd.png afterwards, only 203/262 are considered ok by win 7 toolkit to be integrated, as you can see here... http://imageshack.us/m/17/405/afteradd.png made some further investigations on which drivers are skipped by your tool. So: lan - 63/66 - only 3 missing - decent card readers - 20/23 - only 3 missing - mediocre mass storage - 57/64 - 7 missing - bad wireless - 40/53 - 13 missing - very bad chipset - 23/56 - 33 missing - catastrophic. What chipset drivers are skipped? AMD SMS bus, AMD USB Filter (booo! very useful drivers!), 2 usb 3.0 drivers (booo! again), and 28(!!!) intel chipset drivers. I've also tried to integrate from the win7 folder of the official unpacked intel chipset infinst tool, which is also present in driverpacks (and my mediafire link), and win 7 toolkit integrates only 1(!!!) driver from that win7 folder, which containes 27(!!!) drivers. this is the folder i'm reffering to... http://img808.imageshack.us/img808/7315/intelchipsetdrivers.png In my opinion, there's much work to be done regarding drivers integration. Of course there can be reasons like drivers that are too old or some other motives, but the amd/intel/usb 3.0 drivers for example MUST be integrated. So I ask you once again to find the time needed for investigating this matter, as comprehensive as you can, and NOT only the obvious ones I mentioned above. Thanks. @Sorin Salut! Nope, there are 262 .infs in that pack. all you had to do is to have downloaded it, from my previous mediafire link, and not make suppositions.
  19. That's why I sorted them out, and kept only windows seven ones. hope i didn't miss something. and for sure there is no x64 driver in the x86 pack. but 60 drivers... that's more than 20%.. I really think they are much more careful than that. once again, hope you'll have the time to check on this matter.
  20. Tried to integrate windows 7 drivers from driverpacks. Windows 7 Toolkit doesn't integrate all of them. I tried 5 packs (mass storage, chipset, LAN, WLAN, card readers). Only 204 drivers from 262 were integrated (i used windows 7 sp1 x86 msdn/technet edition). rt 7 lite 1.7.0 rc integrated all 262 drivers. Since driverpacks has mixed packs af vista/seven drivers, i sorted them out (for the 5 packs mentioned above) for x86 here... http://www.mediafire.com/?89si278a6scex81 and for x64 here... http://www.mediafire.com/?rq2ec9hk91ecipn also updated the sb8xx amd raid driver from the latest 10.5 x86/x64 version. Hope the two links help. i didn't try to integrate x64 drivers into a x64 win 7 sp1 build, so it's possible there are more/less than 262 drivers for x64 in that pack. also, the name of the file doesn't matter (as I've wrongfully assumed) for the integration process... windows 7 toolkit integrates both .infs for intel ahci/raid (the older version is still needed for some unsupported southbridges in, as you can see here... http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/387/integrateddrivers.png Hoping you'll have the time to figure out why aren't all the drivers integrated. Thanks.
  21. Hope you won't consider my next request an offtopic one. I've tried from windows 7 sp1 x64 (also from vista x64 with vista WAIK for non-DISM tools) to integrate/slipstream/inject drivers into a windows vista sp2 x64 image, with many programs... Vista Update Integrator, Vista Tool, Windows 7 Toolkit, GDism ELDI. None of them worked. Vlite also is famous for not integrating very well the chipset/mass storage drivers. I like to mention that I've tried the latest .infs from driverpacks packages, and let's say I'm an above average pc user. My request is this: Please make a a feature (for this program, or another utility) that can also integrate drivers into vista. The same as with nlite, the integration, although it occurs without any errors, during setup NONE of the drivers integrated with Win 7 Toolkit are installed. I really don't know why. I'm asking this because ar least Win 7 Toolkit doesn't give any errors like GDism ELDI for example... ...but it's not helping me because the drivers, as I've said earlier, aren't recognized by windows vista during setup, although they are integrated by Windows 7 Toolkit. Windows 7 without drivers isn't such a pain in the ..., but vista IS. And some of us (like my brother for example) have genuine vista licences, and they want to make use of them. Thank you again in advance (for the long reading at least), and hope you'll have time for this.
  22. Hello. Does Windows 7 Toolkit use DISM? Can it integrate drivers into windows vista sp2? Thanks.
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