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  1. Looks like he found some change.
  2. Anyone know what happened to repacks.net? I've been getting unable to connect for quite a while now. Tia
  3. Anyone know what happened to repacks.net?. I started using that site to download ricktendo's repacks after he left here. Looks like that site is also history.
  4. Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (KB3142029) released for XP
  5. Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (KB3135993) released for XP
  6. When you install it, it is removed from the list, but if you search for updates again, the KB reappears.
  7. Does this repack include all WMP fixes other than the one KB mentioned?
  8. Ok, thanks. It turns out I was blocking ajax.googleapis.com
  9. When I select 'mark forum as read', I get Sorry, you don't have permission for that! Anyone know what the problem is?
  10. deleted my question. I see Slim is not supported on Win 8.1 systems.
  11. Now requires dotNET. Last version without NET is 7.3.398 and IMO has much better performance. They broke a good thing
  12. You really need to be careful with this site. It tries to make you download other things like flash player update etc., It took quite a few hoops to get to the actual download. I have noscript installed and it was a pain.
  13. Will you be updating the dotNET4 component of this AIO with 2974335 (hotfix rollup) like you did with the dotNET4 full version?
  14. Still disconnecting frequently on my side. Quick for about 16MB and then gone. Happens when using FF normal downloader which doesn't support resume. Can't the owner of the FTP debug this? MediaFire gave me no problems. I still have the option of using another downloader that supports resume if you decide to kill the mirror.
  15. I assume I can still use this pack on XP, is that correct? The fix for server 2003, Vista, etc. (NDP40-KB2931365-x86.exe) should be okay for XP no? I maually installed it and the update installed without errors on XP. I guess it is still unsupported though and things could go wrong.
  16. Does 4.5.2 supersede the .NET 4.5.1 KBs 2898869 and 2901126? I uninstalled 4.5.1 and then installed 4.5.2 via the Ms standalone installer and noticed the reg entries for the above KBs are still present.
  17. The workaround is to use a download manager that supports resume. One positive note is that particular ftp server allows resume.
  18. Okay, then for me the ftp is a bit flakey since it keeps disconnecting.
  19. Well I had to install a download manager that supports resume to completely download the file from addfly. It took 2 resumes to get everything downloaded. So for me addfly is flakey at best. The downloads should not be timing out like that. Too bad that FF doesn't support resume..
  20. I have no idea why I can't dl from adfly. I always could before. I've tried different browsers on different systems (XP, Win7, Win8). I even ran FF28 in safe mode and the symptom is always the same - the download just stops as if it gets disconnected. I've never gotten past 17MB. I also tried direct link with the same results. Is there anywhere else where the slim can be downloaded from?
  21. Tried multiple times and the download starts, but is always incomplete with different sizes. FF 28.0
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