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  1. Can someone tell me how to extract the .msi from the latest v73 installer using the command line?.

    I know he installer unpacks the msi when you launch it, but I need to get it without running the installer. Previous to v73 the msi used to be stored as jre-8uxx-windows-i586_103_JAVA_INSTALLER.bin. I tried extracting from the new installer and can no longer find the msi.

  2. Updated with KB2966782

    How is the FTP, is it still giving problems?

    I would like to no longer have to upload these mirror files (I have slow internet)

    BTW I have no plans on adding language packs, too much work for too few people

    Still disconnecting frequently on my side. Quick for about 16MB and then gone. Happens when using FF normal downloader which doesn't support resume. Can't the owner of the FTP debug this?


    MediaFire gave me no problems. I still have the option of using another downloader that supports resume if

    you decide to kill the mirror.

  3. I have no idea why I can't dl from adfly. I always could before.  I've tried different browsers on different systems (XP, Win7, Win8). I even ran FF28 in safe mode and the symptom is always the same -  the download just stops as if it gets disconnected. I've never gotten past 17MB. I also tried direct link with the same results.


    Is there anywhere else where the slim can be downloaded from?

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