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  1. Quick question: have the "Component removal" issues been fixed by any chance?
  2. I am still experiencing issues with Component Removal v2 on v11. I just tried it and "Turn Windows features on or off" is blank right after installation. Experiencing that, I tried to build windows again, using Component Removal v1 this time. The 'features' menu is not blank, yet after trying to remove or add anything it permanently goes black as well. This is the very same problem I experienced on 1.2.0.
  3. Okay, I fixed the problem. The issue was caused by two missing files: %SystemRoot%\Branding\BaseBrd\basebrd.dll and %SystemRoot%\Branding\ShellBrd\shellbrd.dll. I mounted an image of w7 ultimate and copied the files. Now the question is: what package is responsible? BUC Namespace perhaps?
  4. Same goes for 'msinfo32': "OS Name" is blank, and dxdiag: "Operating System: n/a 64-bit (6.1, build 7601)" I guess it's about a missing registry record. How can i fix the problem? Windows works as usual but the missing piece of info is disturbing.
  5. I tried to modify W7 Ultimate. Everything works okay and I receive no errors in Events Viewer, however, Windows version field under Control Panel/System is... blank. What could be causing this? Thanks in advance. The problem:
  6. Hello there, I downloaded and registered the DISM distro that comes with the Toolkit just fine. The W7T tool works for me just fine as well. I meant, it used to. I am working with a MSDN image file. Checksum matches. At first I wanted to try the the 'component removal' tool so I chose my install.wim and the thing started mounting it. Unfortunately, the mounting has been forcefully interrupted. After reboot I cannot mount WIM files any more. Under 'component removal' I choose the WIM file, then select the distro that interests me, then click 'select', the program starts mounting the image but always stops and spits out this error: "w7t was not able to mount the wim file or you closed the mount window!" I guess it has been caused by the forceful interruption of the initial image mounting, so it prolly relates to DISM somehow. How can this be fixed? Thanks in advance for your kind help! edit: my system is xp sp2 pro
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