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  1. Reset With a Reset Disk

    * 1 Recognize the error message. When you type the wrong password, you receive a message that says "Your password or user name is incorrect."

    * 2 Click "OK."

    * 3 Click "Reset Password."

    * 4 Complete the instructions that follow. Windows Vista prompts you through the password resetting process.

    Reset With an Administrator Account

    * 1 Log in to your administrator account.

    * 2 Click the "Start" button to open your Local Users and Groups.

    * 3 Type "lusrmgr.msc" into the search box. Click "Enter."

    * 4 Type the administrator password and confirmation, if prompted to do so.

    * 5 Double click on "Local Users and Groups."

    * 6 Click on "Users."

    * 7 Locate the account for the password you need to reset. Right-click on the account and select "Set Password."

    * 8 Type your new password.

    * 9 Retype your new Windows Vista password to confirm it.

  2. I just copied the Office 2007 DVD to a share on my server. I then downloaded SP2, extracted the files, and put them in the updates folder. However there are three files in the updates folder: README.TXT, word.msp, and wordconv.msp. The dates on the files are: 8/21/2009 1:21 PM. Can I remove these 3 files from the updates folder even though SP2 was released on 4/3/2009?

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