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  1. Thank you, I didnt realize it was that easy. Thank you for not being a prick like some boards can be. It worked.....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. :thumbsup_anim: :sweatingbullets: :thumb_yello: :notworthy:
  2. I did the copy paste, but I dont know how to run the code you listed. Like I said, or maybe I should be more specific. I am a newb.
  3. No I didnt use your addon, I tried to, but I am not real good at the software side of computers.
  4. Hello guys, I have been trying for days to get sidebar to work, until I found this website. Now I have it running, kind of. I have installed IE7, C++2k5 redistr, msxml6, Alky(because I couldnt find VAIO), and .NET 3.0. I can get most of the gadgets to work, but CPU gauges, clock and some others I wouldnt use anyway, give me either white boxes or just dead space on the side bar. I tried to download the RegSidebar.rar, but it turned out to be a .php file that my system wont read. I would love to get this up and running. Thanks for the help.
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