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  1. If You add a language pack, it has to be done first, prior to the updates. If your installation is in English, and your programs install in a different language , You need to verify the locale. For the time zone, eula, etc. You can use the Unattended text file: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9572-unattended-creator/

    Before you install NetFramework 4.5, is better to install all the updates. 

  2. The updates for IE 11 after the .cab file are:KB2976627, KB3021952,KB3023607,and KB3034196. You are misssing KB3023607.Is integrated the download with KB3021952. That is why Windows update ask again for KB3021952. If You download from Microsoft Update Catalog, You will get a pack with both updates.KB3025390 is not needed. Good Luck


    Went to Add & Remove I pushed to repair, but the repair function doesn't work, cannot find the path of installation.


    More info will be appriciated


    which addon you used, regular or full?

    what is the drive letter for the system?


    I used the full addon, and the system is on drive "C".Is a Windows 7 32 bits.Thank You.

  4. Thanks Rick.


    By the way, I am also starting to get the same download problems that others have been getting.  It is NOT an adfly issue.  The download begins, but after a variable amount of time the download just stops.  It took me three tries to get the ENU version and I have yet to get the INTL version after over a dozen attempts.  The various tries have gotten anywhere from 49MB to 200MB but so far I have been unable to get it all.  There seems to be something wrong on the ftp end and this has only started happening sometime during the last month or two from the other complaints and my own experience.  I don't know if there is anything you can check on your end, but something is screwy.


    Cheers and Regards

    I had the same problem, using free download manager, I could download.

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