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  1. I used to set my external hard drive to be the G: drive.  After beginning to use wintoolkit I began having constant issues with the drive dropping off randomly.  This continued to occur even when wintoolkit was not open.  I noted that wintoolkit used its own G: drive for mounted images ? 


    I performed a reinstall and then set my external drive to drive B:, and since then I have not had the issue.


    It seems there was a conflict created in this scenario.



  2. As a related question:


    When I attempt setup of the unattended install, it still brings up the initial keyboard and language setups instead of going straight to the disk manager choice menu for install.  I remember in rt7lite they had the option to make a completely unattended install aside from choosing the install disc (which I prefer to do).


    Aside from bringing up the "choose install disc location" menu, I want the rest of the installation to be fully automated to first desktop.


    Did I miss something in the options ?


  3. After I used a standard KB to get through oobe and to the desktop the problem still persisted.  Booting into safe mode it existed too.  Are you saying that after you did the oobe and finally booted into desktop you then had usb support ?  Or still no usb support until you go and reinstall drivers ?


    Which particular device manager item do I look at to find the ID you're interested in ?

  4. Some results so far:

    Integrating DP_mass storage drivers only:
    *  Actual Hardware (i5 haswell, b85m chipset mb)  ...  OS installs fine.
    *  Actual Hardware (a10-6700,a85x chipset mb)  ...  OS installs fine.
    *  VMWare Machine  ...  OS installs fine.

    Integrating DP_chipset drivers only:
    *  Actual Hardware (i5 haswell, b85m chipset mb)  ...  OS installs fine, however, USB native drivers / support becomes damaged.  As in, I cant use USB devices at all once windows is installed.  I can use a standard keyboard to get through the initial menus, but even in desktop on regular boot, or even in safe mode, I have zero input from USB devices.  Input from USB works fine in bios, so its the install that has the issue.
    *  Actual Hardware (a10-6700,a85x chipset mb)  ...  OS installs fine, no issue with USB inputs.
    *  VMWare Machine  ...  OS installs fine.  No issues with USB inputs but didnt expect one with the vmware machine.


    I'm so far going with the assumption that its just the newer hardware having issues with the current driver packs.  I havent found the pack which caused the install fail specifically.


    Question as well:  The base install folder for win764pro before driver integration is 3.10 GB.  After installing massstorage or chipset driver packs it sits around 2.99 to 3.01 GB.  Is there a reason I'm seeing a smaller wim file after adding drivers ?  Is that an effect of the rebuild ?



  5. Thank you for the advice, I do appreciate the replies.


    I'm in the process of doing the incremental testing now.  It's just going to be a very long process.


    My hope was that the issue has been noted by another user and someone had figured out which packs or drivers would be the most circumspect, and where would be the best ones to start working with.  With the time it takes to run the integrations, I'll only get 1 or 2 possible attempts a day at em :)


    I'll go ahead and start with the chipset.  Then mass storage.  Then lastly lan.  If thats stable I will put the rest in a folder as recommended.


    So based on ianymaty's reply, do folks generally put in drivers ?  Or do most just leave them out because of problems ?

  6. My goal is to create an iso that after installation on one machine, I can image the c: drive and slap that image on numerous other machines of differing components.  And hopefully create a situation of maximum compatibility with a single transferable image.  So as new hard drives, motherboard/core upgrades are done on different machines, I can image over and carry on.


    I've used this strategy in the past successfully with xp pro, so hoping to do a reboot of the idea for windows 7 professional.

  7. Hello again :)


    Okay Ive done a number of integrations with win toolkit so far.  I was able to successfully integrate the basic updates on my first attempt.


    However when Ive tried to integrate drivers, it causes my installations to fail.  They keep restarting the machine.


    I'm working with:


    Workstations OS using win toolkit :   Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit


    OS being integrated:   Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit  (X17-59186.iso)


    Driverpacks being installed:










    After integrating the drivers my install ends up endlessly rebooting after the first restart after the files are copied over to the new machine.  It occurs on a vmware virtual machine as well as a physical machine.  I'm assuming a driver is causing the crash.  I started with having DP_audio in the installation, but have removed it as the first step in troubleshooting.


    Also for a test I went ahead and did an integration as above using rt7lite drivers integration since in past builds I've had success with it.  It also created the crash as well.


    I've done 5 integration variations (very time consuming) so far and am planning to test through more.  So before I go ahead and start troubleshooting with numerous integrations, anyone know which pack is causing me grief ?  Could I be using the software incorrectly ?


    Also as a side problem that I havent spent too much time on yet ->  My attempts at unattended installs are not producing a fully unattended process.  Do I just need to drop that autounattend.xml file in the root directory of the install disc ?  Or does that go in sources ?  Or am I simply futzing that up too ;)


    TY very much !

  8. I'm running an i5 cpu.  Since integrating updates and drivers takes a bit of time, I'm wondering if its a problem if I play a game during the integrations ?  Does wintoolkit need full cpu usage ?  Will errors occur if I occupy the cpu with other programs ?


    Also, is it recommended that I perform the integrations in steps ?  Or is processing updates and drivers at the same time fine ?  I've noted some users seem to prefer incremental integrations vs all at once.  However I'm not sure if thats just by preference or more effective / less errors ?


    Thanks !

  9. Just wondering if there was a more complete point by point listing of what each item is, whats worth removing, and what really isnt worth bothering with.

    Or are the color listings and quick descriptions of each item considered good enough when choosing what to remove and what not to remove ?

    BTW, after digging around various forums looking for a good tool to slim down my win7 - I'd like to give major kudos to this tools creator ! This is very slick.

    TY :)

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