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  1. Sorry guys, will try to upload all files to the wincert download section later tonight
  2. Uploaded to Downloads area FYI I have my own forum dedicated to nothing but repacks, check it out repacks.net/forum
  3. Same as sub forum thanks: "Modified installer packages"
  4. Will do NIM, any chance for a "Repacks" section?
  5. O I see now, those sxs are for uplevel compatibility (I remove these BTW)
  6. I found a small problem with the x86 being admin install still but that x64 installer is the same one I have and it installed fine here
  7. Did a repack, did not bother to rezip, used the same zip compressed with older 7zip
  8. Please do me a favor, when posting updates please try to provide links (does not save much, but I don't have the time to search)
  9. Estan todos los updates hasta donde se detuvo el soporte y muchos mas que vineron despues
  10. Tools updated BTW that warning to update java comes from ricktendo.info page or from adfly?
  11. Updated installer with latest 7zsd sfx, should reduce any false positive virus warnings Off Topic: Also launching my own site/forum Repacks.NET, will of course continue on WinCert (been here for 10 years) Also planning on getting rid once and for all of AdFly bull****... Also guys I hope you can help me get ricktendo.info domain off the malware list (thanks to tedexmonster for providing the domain and ftp all this time) Heres how you can help, I already submitted it for review and cleaned up installers with new 7zsd sfx files https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-does-phishing-and-malware-protection-work?as=u&utm_source=inproduct
  12. Updated installer with latest 7zsd sfx, should reduce any false positive virus warnings
  13. Sorry for the delay, been busy Off Topic: Does anybody know how I can get rid of the warning for ricktendo.info? Who do I contact to solve this?
  14. What aero glass app do you use? If so it better NOT be one with a crack otherwise this has to be removed
  15. Confirmed/fixed, I thought you were talking about the normal installer
  16. Redownload, I did make the mistake by not changing the msi to admin but that was quickly corrected (you may have been to quick to download)
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