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  1. Yes, INF phase will happen before but if you use any of the yumeyao addons you will have no problem, because msvcr71.dll is copied during text mode setup (blue install screen before windows setup) and this file does not need to be registered For XP why wont you try my Legacy AIO installer
  2. /ail will only install LP, /ai will install both Framework and LP
  3. When you repack use the silent/nogui sfx, remove the x64 stuff and you should be fine (its a 7zip archive with a config.txt and a sfx file)
  4. Sorry but we do NOT allow warez! (patch.cmd) RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c for /f \"skip=1\" %i In ('wmic os get oslanguage') Do AcroPro1500820082.msi TRANSFORMS=Transforms\%i.mst DISABLE_MODE_SELECTION_OPTION=YES DISABLE_ARM=YES DISABLE_HELP=YES DISABLE_DTSHORTCUT=YES DISABLE_WORK_ANYWHERE=YES INSTALL_MODE=TryOut HIDELAUNCHBUTTON=YES UPDATE_MODE=0 & Exit"RunProgram="hidcon:patch\patch.cmd & cmd /c exit"AutoInstall2="AcroPro1500820082.msi"AutoInstall2="hidcon:patch\patch.cmd & cmd /c exit"AutoInstall3="AcroPro1500820082.msi";!@InstallEnd@!
  5. Why you should wait on upgrading to .Net 4.6
  6. If you use the INTL version you dont have to use the /sfxlang:xxx switch, the installer will detect what language the installer is running in, if supported use the same language dialogs and also install the correct language pack (unless you want to force a language pack on a different language OS you can use /sfxlang to do this.) 4.6 is actually 4.5.2 updated, you may have to wait for Microsoft to add 4.6 to Windows Update detection
  7. extra are the older runtines you see listed under "Also Includes" spoiler name version/*-- Microsoft Visual Basic Runtimes -----------------------------------*/ comct232.ocx picclp32.ocx*-- Microsoft Visual Basic Runtimes (16bit) ----------------------------*/vb40016.dll <none>vbrun200.dll*-- Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine -----------------------------*/msvbvm50.dll*-- Microsoft Visual C Runtimes ----------------------------------------*/atl70.dll 7.0.9975.0atl71.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc70.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70chs.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70cht.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70deu.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70enu.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70esp.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70fra.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70ita.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70jpn.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70kor.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc70u.dll 7.0.9975.0mfc71.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71chs.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71cht.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71deu.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71enu.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71esp.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71fra.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71ita.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71jpn.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71kor.dll 7.10.6119.0mfc71u.dll 7.10.6119.0msvci70.dll 7.0.9955.0msvcp70.dll 7.0.9466.0msvcp71.dll 7.10.6052.0msvcr70.dll 7.0.9981.0msvcr71.dll 7.10.7031.4msvcrt10.dll <none>
  8. Quick update/fix for /aiV switch (no need to reinstall if already applied)
  9. All that can be done with .exe also. Besides this is supposed to be a installer NOT a archive... Kels, did you even bother to look inside the 7z? (don't kick yourself too hard now ) Explanation: I am not allowed to host EXE files on this donated FTP space
  10. Updated with 2015 runtimes There no need to "correct" anything, will leave the original file version in msi to avoid problems
  11. Yes they are both updated and md5 on 1st post is the correct one
  12. I am still getting this version when I use these links Silverlight.exe http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=229320 Silverlight_x64.exe http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=229321
  13. Windows 8/8.1 comes with 4.5 as part of the operating system, you need to use the MSU files and NOT the MSI installer
  14. What what size do the msi uninstall entries say on the NON slim?
  15. You cannot go by what size the original setup wrapper says, its bogus. Do you seriously believe what it says? If you install the using the original setup, go un-hide the MSI uninstall entries in regedit by deleting SYSTEMCOMPONENT key to show in add/rem programs reg del HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{GUID-FOR-DOTNET46-HERE} /v SYSTEMCOMPONENT /f
  16. (Only) INTL version updated to correct LPs not installing Added individual Language Pack and SFX links For those of you having problems downloading from Adf.ly, google "adf.ly link decrypt"
  17. Only the setup wrapper is v30501, the msi version and file versions contained are v21005, you can view this by opening regedit and checking this key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\VC\Servicing\12.0
  18. Updated first post with 4.6 final, intl version will take more time Edit: Intl added, will add sfx and individual lang packs later
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