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  1. Crap Cleaner for both x64 and x86

    Name=Crap Cleaner
    Description=Cleans all the crap on the computer

    CCleaner::Program Files

    CCleaner.lnk::ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

    the description says for both, but the example shows for x86 only... just thought I'd point that out. It should be Arc=x86, correct?

  2. Why do you need to edit it? Does it not install to the location that you desire?

    no, I'll leave that part as is... I just add shortcut in one other place...

    EDIT: P.S. I also noticed during windows setup that it tried to open firefox and was directed to www.filebox.com/[installation_folder_path] that may not have been the exact site or whatever but it was something similar, so I also added a postsetupcommand to kill firefox.exe, and that took care of the browser window opening... I don't know if that was just some weird fluke that only happened that one time... but since adding the post setup cmd to kill firefox.exe I haven't seen the window open...

  3. I will not change from 24 to 16422. There are many people that prefer to install to somewhere other than %ProgramFiles%. That would not be possible if I use 16422. Also, I do not want to parse your install folder to determine if it is in %ProgramFiles% or not.

    One more thing, 16422 is the wrong "correct" folder in 64-bit systems.

    Global extensions installs your extensions in Firefox\extensions folder, not in your profile\extensions folder. Global makes them accessible for every profile(shared), not just yours. The extensions data is saved in your profile, that is not shared between profiles.

    You do not point the script to the extensions folder, it will find them. You point to the profile you want to use. The script does not care if you, currently, are using "Global" extensions or not. It will gather all extensions from both locations and placed them in the appropriate place for the installer.

    ahh, well you know things I do not... I am fine with editing the inf for myself once addon has been built... I wouldn't have even asked if I had known...

    thanks for the clarification on the extensions folders... I gotcha loud and clear on that one now!

    thanks again for a superior addon!!!

  4. That error is usually caused by rerunning the script a second time. I thought that I had it fixed. For now, press F5 before running a second time. Or, close the program and re-open. The next update will close the program.


    testing now to see if it fixes my issues with registry entries...

    also maybe a suggestion... not sure if it's easy to take care of or not... but I would prefer if this used 16422 instead of 24 and you just specify the subdir of programfiles for it to install to. I am also a little confused about global/user extensions... I guess I don't know as much about firefox as I thought... I only use my admin account, so which extensions folder should I point the builder to?

  5. O.K. I have gotten this working with a serious lot of addons... it took some testing but here's what I'm using...




















































    + Driverpacks

    I could not for the life of me get this all to work with ANY sort of wmp11 addon/slipstreamer... I had to use a runonceex script to install wmp11 + updates... not sure where the conflict is there... but I don't think it is with THIS MCE addon... almost 100% positive that it is not... if anyone has any questions about my method or order feel free to PM me...

  6. I have just glanced at the logs and 2 things could be wrong. The most likely is that Mozilla has added a few reg entries with 3.0.3 and I have not yet finished my update that will incorporate any changes from that. The other possibility is the path chosen to install into. I will look into both as I complete the update.

    cool, thanks!

  7. I want to add, I also protect stuff from being removed with nLite that the media center needs using my entries.ini (that includes SENS)

    too bad it can't keep people from disabling necessary services as well... I'm just glad I read the entries ini finally and thats how I figured it out...

    hehe... no worries though man... it wasn't at all your problem!!! another great addon!!!

  8. thanks for this!!! I was using mrdmx's until he discontinued it...

    I had some troubles at first... but they were all my fault as I had SENS service disabled (not removed via components) and it causing errors with the MCE part of the installation (everything else was fine)... finally figured it out and all seems to be working flawlessly... thanks a TON!!!

    p.s. I will add my list of addons and order of integration, for others to reference... (I use quite a few addons)

  9. having some trouble... after making addon and testing it... after it installs everything loads fine but...

    1. it asks to be default (I had already selected this option)

    2. when closing firefox with multiple tabs open and then reopening it again asks to be default browser and also doesn't remember the tabs that were previously opened (this option is set in the settings though)

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

    if I run the firefox installer after installing the inf addon, it fixes both these problems...

  10. ricktendo64, so i've been trying to do an addon for v1.8.1 build 12639 and i'm getting stuck. no matter what i include in the way of files or registry settings, the program remains unconvinced that it has been installed when first executed and i continue to get this screen - any ideas what specifically the program is looking for that convinces it that its installed?

    here's the attachment

    I gave up and just created an AutoIt script that runs the executable and sets some default settings for me then closes it... it does this @ t-13 flawlessly and as long as you're not connected to the net it won't check for updates and won't halt your installation...

  11. is it possible? How does one go about this? I'm sorry if it's been covered here before... just wondering where I might find the specifics... I have a folder about about 500 or so that I would like to be integrated with my unattended WinXP install...

  12. I really think the only issue with your vbs/bat scripts is in the way it handles the variables and checks/clears previously set variables... I wish I knew just a little more than I do about .bat scripting... I would be happy to help you sort it out... but trying to figure out exactly how all the different scripts interact with each other is a little tough when I didn't write any of them... hehe... but I've been diggin' and doing some testing... and will do some more when I get some more free time... seriously though thanks for all the work you have put into this addon I truly believe it is one of the most useful there is, hands down!

  13. ok... going through the .bat files I noticed you have references to where firefox is currently installed... I don't have firefox installed in default directory... is there some way to ask user what directory or for it to search for firefox.exe and then use that directory automatically? when the addon scripts are running the main window title is "Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 running Firefox with Flash Player"

    not sure if it even matters that the directory you have "hardcoded" even matters to the outcome... but it was one more thing I can point out that I noticed... so if it does not matter than please disregard... I'm still sifting...

  14. does anyone have an older version available they could PM me? I need the 06/27 update... I think it was .43? That version worked for me and I need to do a build and have it done A.S.A.P. that version worked for me... I'd greatly appreciate it if someone happened to have it still =)

    Many thanks for your hard work Jonnyboy!!! This will be a super sweet addon come once the kinks get worked... is there anything else you can think of I could try to get it to accept my choices? I have WSH installed, or it wouldn't be building an addon at all apparantly...

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