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  1. Updated to final but soon there will be a version that includes an Hotfix releases in May
  2. 4.2.0 - 130515: added KB2829530-IE8 (supersedes 2817183-IE8) and KB2847204 available at first post. This release fixes two important security bugs
  3. Hi Rick, I downloaded the "ENU X86". I noticed inside umdf.exe there is updatebr.inf that points to update_xp.inf and update_srv03.inf so update.inf isn't executed and I think the UMDF driver won't be installed. I guess updatebr.inf should be removed (together useless old cat file). Can you do me the favor to make the italian version too because I have a little problem to repack the installer but I repacked the umdf.exe as described Edit: I just got to repack the italian installer, here it is: IT-IT X86: https://rapidshare.c...t-it-repack.exe MD5: 9808b5190bf0fbcaca56cdfaf97bc30f filesize: 25 MB little note: mine installer keeps the default icon while your "ENU X86" (and maybe other repacks) not umdf.zip
  4. thx, but can you make a mirror? I always get a corrupted file from mediafire
  5. Io non l'ho fatta. in giro potrebbe esserci per
  6. First post updated. Dear OnePiece, I didn't notice you updated your addon. Please, send me a pm next time.
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