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  1. Alright thanks for the info, by what you have said I assume Windows blinds does not start with Windows ? Thanks for the comment on my sig, I quite like it
  2. Hey ricktendo How would I go about adding my key into your addon ?
  3. This is a great program, I use this along with other programs to OC my 8800 and flash a new bios, though I hear it is very risky hehe, well my GPU is cool and has been stable for over a year now... I just checked the program version, they are up to 3.6 now, last time I used it I had 3.3
  4. Well that is a very Merry Christmas ( for those who celabrate it ) "- No longer removes Logoff/Shutdown text" You are talking about the text in the start menu correct, I did not know V'ISO did that, for some reason I though I had added that by reg entry, could you tell me how to remove the text please ? "- Removed Cursors from user32.dll" I am not familiar with these ? "Vista's avi and dialog box" I have been using the one from Beta 4, I am just in love with it, though on my Sony I removed the AVI's as it is not a very fast machine, I would like to shrink the box down where the AVI was, maybe someone can help me ..... Well thanks for all your hard work ricktendo64
  5. Oh gosh, my desk looks so slick, V'ISO is by far the best icons, bitmaps, avi's around, add Windows Blinds 6, some aero XL cursors ( my fav ) etc etc and you have Vista.. except better lol For the folks who click on this thread thinking they are going to find some cool themes .... Check out.. Jordy Green MiLorK Jemaho Butch123 Rockuall Kol Most of these users on are Deviant art Aero Glass V5
  6. I edited my post above. Yeah I have been browsing deviant art.. lots of good stuff I wanted to try Windows Blinds on my Deskop, I tryed 5.5 once on my Sony but it slowed it down so gave it the boot ... EDIT: I am using Vista theme by MiLorK it looks slick, though having search that does not work in the start menu is just stupid ... I don't search anyways
  7. EDIT: I was just reading what I wrote and realized it did not make sense lol. Anyway I fixed the problems I was having and I have found some themes which will be good... Offtopic: Rick I found your thread on joejoe about Windows Blinds 6 themes and other threads which helped me find some good themes, I do have a question, next to OS: Vaio XP SP2, being curious what I assume thats a Sony Vaio ? Care to share any info about this CD if there is such a thing, I have a Sony Vaio UX with an awesome CD just for my baby
  8. Thanks, I will have to repatch and try it.
  9. Exactly as the title says, every theme I have tried so far has minor glitches etc, I would prefer one with more of the clear aero look.. Thanks
  10. I have no idea why that happened, I redid my installation and added a few things ... ricks post SP3 add on etc and my icons are fine I know the majority of icons are in shell32.dll but the windows update ones are not. Check out this funky glitch
  11. Do you know which file the icons would be in ? The update icon in the taskbar is back to original and in the start menu, that one looks new for SP3, though I still like the older one better. Thanks
  12. I don't mean to sound like a pest, I just integrated SP3 RC1 and my Windows update icon did not change
  13. Did I tel you :heart: I luv you ... oh gosh your making me lol Thanks
  14. Well that sucks, they are easy to create, though this would probably save some time
  15. Hey Rick, The link for this is dead, is it still available ?
  16. Awesome, I do have another question :questionmark: WindowsBlinds 6 "Enhanced" now when I go to the site and attempt to purchase I do not see Enhanced ?? Also you posted a screen shot of V'ISO files transferring .. I am curious what theme that is ? Thank you kindly
  17. I am considering purchasing this program, rick I remember reading you saying your computer is slow, have you done any bench marks to compare it to windows theme engine ?
  18. How much does this slow down your computer, well I mean how does it work, a new process ? someone please explain Also do you know if everything still looks alright with a higher dpi setting 115 ? thanks
  19. Thanks for the reply I am currently trying to fix a few things with my CD.. testing in VMWARE, the first two times I installed Windows XP Messenger opened, but the last two it did not :confused02: I will be trying on my Micro PC soon .. hopefully it won't open Take care
  20. Actually I got impatient so I started updating my CD ... Now I am on a mission :cool04: So in the end I don't need it, thank you for the upload though ... or wait... did you secretly bug the file :crying_anim02: lol
  21. Sorry I am not understanding, you just deleted it now or you did before ??
  22. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK .. he he he ... Thank you
  23. I just integrated with nlite and tested in VMWARE .. it worked perfect I am just trying to figure out how to make it not open on firstboot :questionmark:
  24. Rick you do nice work :thumbsup_anim: I do have one question, I just tested in vmware and when Windows boots the messenger window opens and I can see the icon in the taskbar, I would like it so they do not open, or atleast t he window does not popup ?? I check the registry under run and did not see it listed ?? Maybe you can help Thanks
  25. Don't be to hard on yourself .. this is nice work Does anyone have the latest shell32.dll patched with V'ISO and care to share with me ?? Thank you
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