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  1. how do add the repacks in wintools???

  2. I am using updates i downloaded from microsoft directly..
  3. Brillant program BUT.. I finally upgraded my pc to a AMD FX4170 (Quad,4.2ghz) and 8gb DDR 1333mhz memory this will make setting up a window 7(64Bit) ISO fly....Well it did at first... Fresh install of windows 7 (64Bit) & Gdata Totalcare 2013 Firewall (Disabled), i installed Win Toolkit added 94 windows patches nothing else and hit "apply" and it took only 40 mins to do "great" i thought its finally working.....wrong! A few days later i decided to do a updated iso adding all the oct 2012 updates. I added them and hit the "apply" button,THIS time when it took ages (53mins) on a single patch which earlier it flew pass WTF i though whats going on?. I could not believe it...So i uninstalled Win Toolkit cleared all the patches and window 7 folder,redone everything again and tryd again BUT this time just the normal 94 patches which i did earlier on my first ISO,just in case it did not add any of the October patches, this time it buzzed along nicely pass the patch earlier it took ages on and and my hopes rose again but alas no.. yet again another patch it flew passed earlier it hung on like my old grandmother...sigh.. HELP!!!
  4. Yep....they all came up green which i "hope" means they was okay,i waited over 3 hours and it still did not finnish and the progress bar did not move over 30%. I just wonder how long i have to wait before it finnishes ....
  5. All i did is open the folder where my patches are eg: Jan2011/ open the folder select all patches in the folder and add them then on to the next folder Feb2011/ etc until all patches until June2012 are added a total of 74 patches. is this what iam doing wrong should i put ALL patches into one folder,and open it up select all and then add them..?
  6. Sigh....already did that turn both off completely even disabled the internet also...will try again someday i off work and have 24 hours to spare.
  7. I use GData TotalCare 2013...Firewall & Anti-virus disabled plus no internet also.... RT7Lite crap...i do not think so...
  8. Still having problems with the program,downloaded the version ran it added 74 patches all turned up "pink",nuts.. The next day a new version came out,this time all patches came up "green",great i though this time it will work.. I waited 3 hours and 48mins and still was not complete.... :censored: !! This what came up..."3 hours 48 mins Image 1 of 1 [30% 5:17mins Remaining] Saving Image [Windows 7 Ultimate].... RTLite never took this long.....
  9. my mistake on point 4. it went green to blue..sorry
  10. This is what i did.... 1.Run Win7 Toolkit and selected (All-In-One Integrator) 2.Went to "browse for extracted dvd" and selected D:Win7_64Bit_Sp1/ (Which is were i upacked it) 3.It came up : Windows 7 HomeBasic (Blue) and Windows 7 Ultimate (Green) 4.I clicked on Windows 7 Ultimate and it changed for blue to green 5.The preset window came up and i clicked on "no preset" 6.Selected "Updates & Languages" and loaded the patches in order,nothing else drivers etc was added then clicked start. Iam working this week till thursday then iam going to give it another go...wish me luck!!
  11. Well... it gets stranger and stranger...i tried again unpacked the iso select windows ultimate 64bit SP1 (3.2Gb) and added the (71) patches all okay i thought....except for a couple patches all green. Now the strange part after waiting again i got fed up and cancelled. I went to the mount folder and notice the size had grown to (11.2GB)!!, and its was not the Windows 7 64bit (ISO) i selected it seem to be my own already installed windows.. HELP! What iam i doing wrong...
  12. Hi ....I have just started using the program trying to move away from RT7lite due to its not been updated in such a LONG time, But i have notice WinToolKit takes FOREVER rebuilding the image and i do mean forever. I have tryed it with the virus/firewall (GData) disable and no internet connection, it seems to add the security patches okay i have even download a new iso just in case but no.....i waited over 3 hours and it still was not finnished.. What is the normal length of time does it take to rebuild images?
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