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  1. Adding to this, has anyone else experienced this? My clock seems to stop more and more frequently..
  2. You can download the DLL which allows you to uninstall gadgets from the attachment to this post. As the DLL is a beta one from Alky it will not be included in the sidebar installer. vcomctl32.rar
  3. I too have noticed some funny things with the clock. Every now and again it will just stop telling the time (it will just stop, like a flat battery) Closing and reopening the sidebar fixes the problem
  4. Ah that would be it *blushes* Happens when you do two things at once and forget about one. Thanks rick
  5. The Alpha Gamer As far as i know nLite is used for making slipstreamed versions of XP, so you could have it so that when you install XP the sidebar is installed too. You dont need it to run the sidebar. Rick In the new version of sidebar (v6.0.6001.16659) has the tray icon been removed? I have noticed mine is no longer there and i can only think it would have happened after the update..
  6. Hey rick, Just tried uninstalling the sidebar using the .inf file to see if i could remove the third sidebar.exe instance (which is still there..) However i have a suggestion for the uninstall.inf file. I would change it so that it does not uninstall the fonts; the reason for this is that the calibri fonts are used by MS office 2007 and if someone was to remove the sidebar they will loose these fonts; and MS office looks a little strange without calibri (especially Outlook) Mel
  7. Do you have IE7 installed? Same thing happened to me, installing IE7 got it working.
  8. Thanks heaps rick, works like a charm. Now to get accustomed to these tabs.. One other question, i have been told that there should be two sidebar.exe instances however for some reason i have three running One using ~16mb of ram another using around 37 and the last using around 14 megabytes Cheers Mel
  9. Thanks ricktendo64 i will chuck ie and wmp on now, looks like i will have to get used to tabbed browsing and a new media player ):
  10. Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked elsewhere however i cannot find the answer anywhere.. Some of the gadgets work however others do not show their background.. This is an example of the iweather gadget http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/4913/untitledlt0.jpg The funny thing is that the gaget will show the background a si am dragging it to the sidebar however the background dissapears as soon as i 'dock' the gadget. I have installed Alky xp and KB940541 along with the sidebar from page one. Cheers nb I have also tried " The gadgets don't work, the clock is all black. What do I do?" solution I do not have Internet Explorer 7 & Windows Media Player 11 installed as i do not really like them..
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