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  1. @Black Dove,

    You are right, it needs MSXML6.0 hotfix. I will update my instruction.

    Normally, the gadegets are stored in c:\program files\Windows Sidebar\shared gadgets\ in each separate folders. Your idea is very good, I should make the install section that allow to choose which extra gadgets should be installed.

    Thank ou very much for your feedback.

    I'll fix this soon ^^.

  2. Sorry all for the late reply, I'm so busy these days.


    I think the outlook gadget still has some bugs on it, there are some requirements for it to run properly. However you can search through Sidebar gallery for an alternative outlook gadget one. I'll also look for an update of this gadget too.


    I'm sure that it is working with nLite but I'm not sure with HFSLIP yet. However, you can try it. ^^

    I also suggest that Rick's one would be more suitable to use in this case.

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