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  1. 24 minutes ago, Thiersee said:

    Then the origin of this issue is something others, but not WTK!

    I made yesterday an integration/installation (VM) with the "Classic"-way: absolutely no errors; just now I finished an integration with the "Rollup"-way: absolutely no errors!

    May be your file is corrupted or you integrated something that makes trouble or the spaces in the path, I don't know.

    Which method do you use for the integration, Classic or Convenience Rollup?


    I'm using classic method, here is my .ini file

    2016-07-15_18-33-PM.ini here is KB3172605 already in silent installs

  2. I tried also integrate the 2 others, KB3101246 & KB3081320. Believe it or not, this also gives me a error warning. So I don't have a clue what's wrong here.


    So for now I have place the update KB3101746 into the runonce section. This seems to work without any problem, after installation and checking for possible missing updates; WUD did not give me any new or missing updates. Not the most elegant solution, but it works for me.


    I used WinTookit and.... no errors 

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