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  1. Here is the results of my tinkering with those files: I realize that the Automatic Updates tab isn't quite right, but I don't understand what is being done wrong cause it looks like it should be right in Reshacker.... BTW, the Automatic Updates bug was present b4 i started on this today.... Is there anything else I need to fix before uploading the new theme package?
  2. Thanks for the feedback about the bugs being fixed! It's most appreciated!! I can confirm the issue with XP Home and the Remote tab using Green theme. I have fixed the Remote tab by adding the bitmap and necessary line to enable the bitmap to REMOTEPG.DLL. It shows up now. I'm currently searching for the dialog responsible for the Automatic Updates tab in order to fix it, because the System CPL applet doesn't quite look right yet. (*Haven't uploaded it yet!) Once I fix that issue, I'll look into the programs not integrating issue... Ummmm.... I'm working on rewriting the XPtsp.com website. It's taking me a while because I'm having to rewrite internal functions and integrate the website into the phpBB forum software.... Hopefully all the problems caused by the website will be fixed soon! EDIT: I've made some corrections to SHELL32.DLL, XPSP2RES.DLL, SYSDM.CPL and REMOTEPG.DLL in order to get the System control panel applet to look correct. (aka: elements to line up correctly, etc)
  3. What's Changed in v3.0.0.22: - Fixed issue with MCE detection on both Home and Professional Integrations. - Added MCE detection line to the Live Install's program install path page. - Removed bootscreen patching and visual style replacement while using Icon-Only packs. This update solves the issue with Media Center resources incorrectly replaces the Home and/or Professional Edition resources. Unfortunately, my work schedule has been severely messed up, which prevented me from testing and releasing this version. So I apologize for the delay.
  4. Cool! Blegh.... I'll investigate some more.... Wow.... must be a long test.... :g: UPDATE: The MCE detection code was, for some reason, returning an incorrect status of MCE components. Rewriting the code took care of that issue..... Will post probably tomorrow (or Saturday) after some testing....
  5. I've updated the first post with the revised link! Thanks for reporting that!
  6. Looks interesting.... Certainly lots and lots of possibly interesting tools.... :dancing:
  7. Despite the fact that you didn't ask, I don't have a problem with the fact that you included it in your add-on AS LONG AS you give proper credit to those created it (me and mooms)..... However, mooms might have an issue with it. I can't speak for mooms on this issue... Agreed....
  8. I just noticed a BIG issue with the GUI for Media Center installs.... Evidentally, seperating the MCE detection from whether the base install is Home or Pro stops the GUI from moving the correct files for MCE into place prior to file patching/replacement..... I'm uploading a new version that will resolve this issue.... What's Changed in v3.0.0.21: - Resolved MCE issue with files not moved prior to Live Install/Integration (see below)
  9. I'll look into this issue. I honestly don't remember.....
  10. Sorry about the late response. The Live System Patcher isn't being supported anymore, however, adding the resource files that aren't being applied shouldn't be too hard..... However, I cannot do so at the moment. As for the resources and extras folders, it would be safe to delete those folders from your i386 folder.
  11. I think that bug actually has something to do more with the server than with the GUI, as it gets it's information from the webserver. When I rewrite the site, that particular bug should be eliminated up once and for all....
  12. Issue on the XPtsp.com server has been fixed. Thank you for reminding me about this issue! It's definitely something I will be fixing when I rewrite the website.
  13. What's Changed in v3.0.0.20: - Source refreshed with v3.0.0.18 to remove DRIVER.CAB problems. - TASKMGR.EXE hex-patching re-enabled and working correctly. - COMCTL32.DLL hex-patching modified to correctly patch the SYSTEM32 file. - Removed PEChecksum.exe for smaller SFX size. - Re-enabled CABLITE.DLL's PE Checksum corrector. - Changed code so that usernames, like those with ampersands, won't cause problems. - Altered default state of "Use Pro style" to be unchecked for XP MCE. - Changed OS detection for Integrations to show Home or Pro and if MCE components available. Live Install Changes: - Altered code responsible forcing XP Pro theme to be used to remove both Home folders. - Altered code to use MCE visual style to be used when installing on MCE. - Modified kernel should now be enabled in BOOT.INI. - Added the "Create System Restore" option as it makes sense for Live Installs. Integration Changes: - Added code to comment out Royale references in MEDCTROC.INF when setting visual style. - Modified code to remove temporary cab folder after building each CAB. - Removed the "Create System Restore" option as it doesn't make sense for Integrations. - Changed default volume labels for Media Center discs to use original CD volume labels. NOTE: The change to the OS detection is a result of the fact that I found out that Media Center components can be integrated into a Home Edition source (Source). Media Center Editions will now show up as "Home Edition" with Media Center components available, despite several differences between an actual original Home Edition and original Media Center installation (such as WMP10).
  14. Commenting out those lines in MEDCTROC.INF fixes the "Use XP Pro Style" bug where integration to Media Center Edition sources are concerned.... EDIT: Fixed this issue.... Also removed the "Create System Restore Point" option from integrations, as it just doesn't make sense.... EDIT2: Lemme work on this one some.... I've forgotten how the GUI tests the "versions"... EDIT3: This one should be fixed. I extracted the source for v3.0.0.18 and have been modifying it instead of using v3.0.0.19 as the basis for v3.0.0.20. (Still testing v3.0.0.20.... Unfortunately, testing modified installs takes about an hour each test...)
  15. Awesome! Thank you for the feedback! Ummm.... I forget what changed. I've pulled v3.0.0.19 from the server and will figure out WTF is going on.... EDIT: I think the only thing that changed was an attempt to correct for weird usernames, like ones with ampersands and such.... Regarding Home Edition, I've fixed this bug for Live Installs only. It turns out that the code responsible for deleting the Home visual theme from the Original extras was incomplete. One potential folder was deleted but the other was not.... I can't figure out why the MCE visual theme isn't being used though.... Lemme look further into it. I also need to investigate the integration code to see what I can do there.....
  16. I've noticed that a lot of add-ons seem to want to run TASKKILL before actually uninstalling their software. I'm running XP Home Edition, which does not contain TASKKILL.EXE as a standard component. So, I wrote an add-on to add the program to your Windows CDs. FileName: Doug_Taskkill_AddOn_v1.0.rar File Size: 31kb MD5: 332AE0F61AC89DF6B54115B9186D48F5 NOTE: Repacked add-on so that original packed TASKKILL.EX_ is packaged so that optimzed ISOs are a little smaller.
  17. Quote from homepage: Repackaged as a silent installer, since that's how the homepage has it. It works from the homepage! FileName: Doug_ImDisk_AddOn_v1.1.rar Size: 98kb MD5: D4456A81E70AEF15C41942A80BE59E81 Changelog: v1.0 = Initial Release of this add-on v1.1 = Modified so that installer does not prompt prior to installation.
  18. Refreshed first post and updated link. Sorry it took forever to update it!
  19. Included information in the first post that the RyanVM.net topic had but this topic didn't. Updated link to add-on.
  20. Crashfly: Have you had any problems with Explorer refreshing? Cause I can't seem to get Explorer to refresh on my system under Windows 7..... EDIT: It shouldn't slow your system down at all, except maybe when new devices are plugged in.... Sounds like nice system specs, btw! :dancing:
  21. Mr_Smartepants: Thank you for doing some testing! I appreciate your time spent, as I haven't had much time lately..... Everybody: I've replaced the task manager resource file (TASKMGR.EXE.RES) with the one from the batch version and removed TASKMGR.EXE.GREEN.RES from the Green theme. Testing indicated that the replacement and/or deletion of resource files was successful in resolving the issue. I reenabled the hex-editing for Task Manager and that seems to work as well. So I uploaded the new Green theme package to the server. However, I found a different problem in the Original extras, relating to the CAD 2009 program. The resizer script that I wrote was somehow corrupted in the CAB file, and caused an error when CTRL-ALT-DEL was pressed. Some registry settings for the INF uninstaller were completely wrong. Also, somehow a unpatched copy of Task Manager got into the CAB file. So I fixed all those issues and uploaded a new Original extras package to the server as well. I'm pretty sure these changes will resolve the Task Manager problem, but let me know if it doesn't. Thanks! I'll look at the Blue theme tomorrow. I'll probably require the similar changes that Green theme got.... BTW, I'm sorry I haven't had time to look into the issue. Work has kept me extremely busy and my personal life has taken up the rest of my time.... EDIT: Irritating side notes about the CAD2009 add-on: Uninstaller doesn't remove all traces of the program from the hard drive..... Resolution would be nice :g:My CAD2009 add-on can be found here..... EDIT2: A proper uninstaller has been written for my QTTab add-on. However, it has not been included in the newest Original extras package.... It will be included in the next revision....
  22. Well, you just might get your wish. Someone on the AutoIt forum created a Icon Image UDF that can load, save and MERGE icons together! So I'm gonna investigate this new UDF and see what I can cobble together, cause I know that you are unhappy with the current "mess" and I'm sure not happy with it, either.... :thumbsup:
  23. Well, I know (from personal experience that I just obtained) that it does work on Windows 7. I've been told it works on Vista. So, yes, it has been tried on newer OSes. As for "is there any point", it is a matter of personal preference, as it duplicates functionality already present in Windows Vista and later. With exception of the easily customizable icons, it really doesn't add much of anything to those OSes that isn't already present.
  24. What's Changed in v5.3.7.5: - Corrected bug that causes installer to start up when DSI launches normally.
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