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  1. I should've specified that only the source patching portion is almost complete. I've still got to write the live-system patching portion, but I need feedback to make sure that the source patching portion works as expected.... EDIT: Note that the OEMGEN batch file hasn't been translated yet, nor has a repatcher been written. Beta testers will be encouraged to check 2 folders to make sure contents were installed there. Other features of the patcher will be written in as the beta testing goes... EDIT2: Aero cursors haven't been integrated into the theme files yet...
  2. Rud: No, to add each language to the main release would bloat the archive to infinity and beyond. It would be far better (not to mention desirable) to create a seperate release for the Polish language than to integrate it into the main release. Bober: I'm almost ready to publicly test the patching script. Just a few small things to test and fix....
  3. If the SP3 installation was updated correctly, I'm pretty sure that the kernels in DRIVER.CAB and SP2.CAB won't be pulled by Windows Setup.
  4. It's fine with me. No rush. I'm currently working on the coding for the patching proggie.
  5. That's what I figured happened (- hacked again, I mean). Hopefully, the new server won't have the vunerability that the old server did.Thanks for the info (as well as the forum), N1K!
  6. Looks like we lost part of the discussion again..... Bober: I pulled the Aero cursors that you posted before we lost yesterday's discussion and have added an option to add them to the XP source. I added an option to add the resources so that updated files can be patched in the future. An option also got added so that the OEM generator would be run. Every change hasn't been implemented in the code yet, but I've updated Page 4 of the screenshots to reflect the new options. There is room for one more option on that page.... (unless I rearrange the page again) As previously mentioned, the UXTHEME patch has been implemented and tested. Future versions of the UXTHEME file can be easily added to the INI file. I decided to drop the SFC patch since you indicated in yesterday's discussion that it didn't seem to be necessary. It can be easily re-added at some future point if it is determined that it is necessary. I have added an option to allow these different GUI Setup resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x800, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1200, and 2560x1600. Each option is based on Zacam's patches. Meanwhile, I'll figure something out for the new add-on that the patching program will assemble. Inside it will be the RunOnceEx command for the OEMGEN command if the Aero Cursor and/or Resource Patching is selected. Otherwise, it will be run via SVCPACK (i guess). Will this be OK? Stimpy: The logo that the GUI uses is 164x314. Ideally, the new logo should be the same size. If this can't be done, please let me know what size the new logo is and I can change the GUI so that it'll work.
  7. It seems that all posts over the last week have been lost. So, I thought I'd share some screenshots for the GUI that I'm working on. Link: XPtsp Screenshots. Please note that some screenshots will probably change and some added, as the program isn't finished yet.
  8. Information on my Theme format has been posted in the first post of my thread.
  9. I've been using IconJack32 to build the icon theme files. EDIT: Reread the last post more carefully. Didn't realize that the .DLL file that IconJack32 creates is actually a .ICL file.... Huh! Thanks, rick!
  10. Howdy! If you're talking about a change to the code that would allow removable and network drives to be detected, I've got a new thread located here that has all of my modifications to the code I wrote. Here's the Changelog for the latest version of my script. My latest code does support CD/DVD drives, removable drives, network drives, and ramdisk drives. USB and FireWire drives have their own icon as well. Explorer is refreshed upon every update. Update interval can be changed, as well as the icon in the notification tray can be set to monitor a drive. Updates are forced when CD/DVDs are inserted, as well as when new devices are attached to USB/FireWire.
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