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  1. You got that Right Raoul, I have instaled every one in Spanish version and the computer wont start, I have copy every one in English version And all Worked Fine, so orbit30 if you will be kind to make them in Spanish would be great, also I have another request, Can You Put XP Prfessional Under The Color Tab. Or If you instruct me how to do it I can make them..I Also Wish To Add Pictures to the Screens :D
  2. Should I integrate the Drivers Pack in First place, then everything else ????
  3. Well anyone who can help me with this.... I have made my own Windows XP Unattended Version, And doesnt work on older computers, I have tried to install it in 4 computers and in none of them has worked except in mine.... Which seems to be the problem???? It have driver packs, and WPI, Internet 7, WMP 11, etc etc etc, the only thing I removed from it was the keyboards and languages that I don't use in my country. If anyone can help me I will appreciate it very much. Thanks in Advanced.
  4. Thanks I will Try it in a few hours :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: Edit: It worked Ok on Virtual Machine :thumbsup_anim: Thanks Again :icon_cool:
  5. I tried ResHack And it didnt work, It says that the file has a non standard resource that probably has been compressed with an EXE compressor. Here is The File http://rapidshare.com/files/70941273/logonui.exe
  6. Should I Integrate Xpize To Nligh project :g:
  7. Hi Mr Rick: A known to me ocdsteve told that you can help me with this problem, and you are the creator of the black screen Logon.... Is there a way to change The message Welcome for Bienvenido in the Black Logon Screen because I am Making a Spanish Unattended Version. Thanks In advanced. :prop:
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