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  1. i integrate my chipset and display drivers. and the rest i put in a folder and copy it to my install media. i have more than just 1 computer. 1 desktop and laptop. i save all of my drivers to my external drive and wintoolkit sees all of my drivers for my computers. it uses the laptop drivers instead of my desktop drivers. how to stop it from installing these.
  2. I used the new version for my other computer. here's the install.ini install.ini and WinToolkit_RunOnce_Log WinToolkit_RunOnce_Log.txt it still doesn't restart
  3. is there a way to integrate office 2010 into the silent install section
  4. ya, KB2819745 needs netframework 4.5 and KB2506143 needs needs netframework 4.0. you should try to use this addon http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11127-microsoft-net-framework-452-for-windows-7 then add those updates into the silent installers it contains net framework 4.5.2. you only need to install this for both of the updates to work.
  5. I was changing my pagefile registry and go this error I'm not sure what it is here it is Error_1.4.42_UxD668A1C4103AE182133E4C79D6E37D24_Ex06001632_frmStartup_en-US_181702.txt Log ID: UxD668A1C4103AE182133E4C79D6E37D24_Ex06001632_frmStartup_en-US_181702
  6. The run runce works great but it doesn't restart here's the install.ini file and run once log runonce log run once log.txt install.ini install.ini
  7. I add ie 11 to the silent installers. i have to add update kb2729094 to the silent installers first for the ie 11 to run and sometimes the ie 11 installer doesn't recognize the update and fails to install ie 11 i'm not sure if it is a win toolkit problem or an Microsoft problem thx John
  8. John_95


    Just sent you some, Sorry, is so little I can't afford very much
  9. if i add them to my updates list in the updates section the run once doesn't run at start up. If i add them to the silent installers the run once works. I for some reason my computer wants all of the updates in the don't add txt. I use win 7 pro 64 bit English.
  10. here is the list add these updates to the run once and it should work DON'T ADD.txt
  11. I use windows update downloader. anyways i have had this problem. there are 3 updates that don't like to install and it wrecks the run once. if you put them into the run once it works fine. i'l upload the file later contain the updates. the last one that would work for me is test 8.
  12. It installs a program for my TRENDnet WLAN i says it's install sheild. and in the install.ini i put reboot=True and it doesn't restart the computer.
  13. The newest test build works
  14. Here's the run once log as requested. I don't know about you guys but the current test build works for me. I need a little help I have and install shield installer that doesn't run because i don't have the right switch what is the correct installer switch i use /S to install anyways here's the file WinToolkit_RunOnce_Log.txt
  15. I can confirm that the latest test build works on 64 bit the installer work perfectly thank you very much.
  16. if it work how do i get the run once to restart the computer
  17. So more in likely it's a bug in the installer for 64 bit. i used versions all the way down to 1.4 35 to an there an installer bug in all of them
  18. I narrowed it down and now it is not my computer. I have 2 computers running 64 bit mine is win 7 pro and my dads is win 7 home premium 64 bit. I cleared out all of the updates and drivers and only left the add on for net framework and the silent installers. the run once sill not run on either computer running 64 bit. but I did try on my laptop running 32 bit with the same setup and it works. i think there is a problem with 64 bit operating systems.
  19. I did integrate the chipset drivers. I put the chip set driver setup in the silent installers. other than that I have a netframework 4.5.2 add on, all current updates, ie 11 pre updates, and silent installers. i've use wintoolkit to 1.36 to do this i get errors in all of them what is the problem with my computer and the run once. my computer is a dell wit h windows 7 64 bit sp1 today there is 1.38.7 i'll try it and get back to you guys on my findings i used the new beta and i still get the errors on my system
  20. I've read some other forums. can drivers cause this problem. i have a chip set that has drivers from xp to win 8, i delete most of them but the ones that say xp or newer or the ones for win 7. could this be my problem and i run the chip set installer in the silent installer section.
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