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  1. I ran a new install. from a new iso. my local pc has net framework 4.5.1 installed. I integrated drivers, a theme pack, updates and 13 silent installers. i checked in virtual box and it worked. I installed it on my hard drive and i got the error again here is the screen shot from the freshly installed windows 7 pro 64 bit here's the preset ini file session.txt here is the screen shot from the freshly installed windows 7 pro 64 bit
  2. I'm having the same problem that Lurker is having.
  3. in the install.ini how do i get the run once install to restart after it is finished
  4. I have net frame work 4.5.1 installed. I ran the run once from my computer that is fully updated with all of windows programs. the one i used to use win toolkit. even this computer is getting an error but i have a screen print
  5. i got the error again with just windows updates and some silent installers error.txt run runce log.txt
  6. The only addon that i add is net framework 4.5.2. I installs fine during windows setup. win tool kit adds 4 updates that are not needed during windows install. then i add my internet usb wand software and Logitech set point program. in the drivers section i install about 50 drivers. what should i leave out for it to work. also I am using a Dell oem disc for added fonts and wallpapers could this be the problem. I'll retry everything from scratch to see if the problem is just me. here's my ini file 2014-05-11_18-37-29.ini
  7. the error that pops up has something to do with net framework. i have an add-on for net framework 4,5,2
  8. I integrate 2 msu updates and and trednet usb internet wand software into my install. when windows finished installing i get an error continue or quit. i hit continue and nothing happens it is stuck at detecting drivers. the installer works great in 32 bit windows but not in 64 bit. help is appreciated thx John
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