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  1. Hi everyone.

    I have been reviewing a lot of tutorials regarding Windows customization's, creating and capturing a reference computer.


    I work in a small computer repair shop repairing iPhones, iPads, Windows laptops and Apple laptops.


    I would like to customize my own images to save me a lot of time in  re installing Windows.


    It seems to me that for my purposes it is much easier to setup Windows on a computer then install all of the updates then install and customize  the desktop apps and afterwards use this computer a a reference computer from which to then capture the image to a  DVD and USB from which to re install Windows as as required. 


    Is there someone here in this forum who can help me step by step to do this?


    Thank you,


  2. Hi this is indeed a really nice post.

    I am new to the IT side of the IT industry.


    I would like to begin customizing images in order to speed up the installation processes in my work place.


    I work in a small computer repair shop and I am doing a lot of OS re-installs on new hard drives due to failed customers hard drives.


    Once the install is complete I then start doing the service packs updates, software updates, driver updates.


    Some of which I am using a combination of wsusoffline updates and Microsoft updates link.


    I have personally found that drivers from the laptop make and model work best and are more stable as opposed to using drivers from Driver Pack. 


    Once this has been completed I then proceed to install all of the RunTime medias and any other addons such as Google Chrome, Firefox, iTunes and so on.


    After the OS is complete I then activate Windows using the customers Product Keys or their newly purchased Product Keys.


    Here is my problem.

    all of this is taking hours per laptop to complete even though much of this is automated requiring little interaction.


    I would like to customize my own images to include the most recent service packs, updates, drivers for make and model of laptop that the OS is being installed including the RunTime medias and any other addons.


    I do understand that this too will take time to prepare but it will safe a huge amount of time per laptop OS install.


    Since I am new to this I could really use your help to get started.


    I have subscribed to this Forum and I have as well made a nice donation after seeing the quality of IT information in this Forum.


    I have started with the download of the WinToolkit_1.4.32.


    If you have created a youtube video of your process that would also be helpful.


    Thank you.




  3. Hello, 

    I am CompTia A+ ce certified.

    I am Apple Certified.

    I work for a small computer service and repair shop.

    I repair iPhones, iPads, Apple laptops, Windows laptops.

    I enjoy learning more advanced computer service and repair techniques.

    I enjoy the company of others.

    I enjoy good food.

    I enjoy the movies.

    I am a very healthy person.


    Thank you.

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