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  1. Love the new forum!

  2. why is there no decent command line tool to take ownership of registry entries

  3. do i want to rewrite all my code to be x86 compitable? ...

  4. uploaded new and "better" $FX-CreatoR. all issues should be fixed

  5. do i have to sit for hours finding the right updates again? :\ meh.. hope not

  6. most deleted codes re-gained from ntfs cluster. others are under re-development!

  7. i just deleted 6 months worth of coding by accident.. darn regex differences in all these languages!!

  8. back to sdx.os! new week with new ideas

    1. TRSyntax


      sa jeg, og 5 minutt etterpå fortsatte jeg med noe anna dritt :\

  9. needs a new cpu watercooler!! i blew my current one :o

  10. found a lot of treasures today :D

  11. aaah, it's done! :P

  12. u picku materinu, i wanna learn serbian

  13. trying to do what WinToolkitRunOnce.exe does

  14. the ways of a code ninja

  15. WinToolkit is on my mind!

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