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  1. Ok, so I'm new to slipstreaming.


    I wanted to slipstream as many updates as possible, as I really dislike spending hours installing them when I reinstall windows.


    I am using a software called Windows Hotfix Downloader to retrieve the updates. I have now downloaded everything in the updates list. 


    Now while going through all of it I have IE9 cab and exe. Same for 10 and 11. Do I need to slipstream both the cab and the exe or only one? Do I need to slipstream ie9 and 10 or can I go straight to ie11?


    I am going to include all the updates from the General, Security and Hotfix section, what should I take from the Additional/Extras section besides IE...


    Note:I am doing this for both x86 and x64 disks.


    Thanks in advance,





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