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  1. Hi abbodi, there is no need to mod any manifest file.

    I reconstructed "amd64_microsoft-windows-servicingstack...manifest" and "package_2_for_kb2533552~amd64~...mum" due to an error of Cab Tool (included in OnePiece's DXTool); this one doesn't extract above files . I wasted a long time trying to find a solution (argh!).

    After I used command line “extract”,  all files were correctly unpacked.

    At this point, you need only to switch “True” and “False” in “update.mum” and it’s all right, also in x64 version.

    The reason of lacking in “Installed Updates” is still unknown.

    I supposed that “_manifest_.cix.xml” may be responsable, but I haven’t  found a solution yet.

    I’m counting on you to sort this issue out.

  2. abbodi, what you say is true, hotfixes don't appear in "installed updates", but it doesn't seem important to me. In fact, checking files installed with the original .msu file and those installed with the modded .cab file, I found that they are equivalent.
    x86 version was easiest; I took inspiration in ArnisLav's post on MSFN board. He suggested to change allowedOffline="false" to allowedOffline="true" in "update.mum", but this change corrupted installation. Then I looked in .mum file and I noticed that "exclusive="true"" could be responsable of failure. Changing "exclusive="true" allowedOffline="false"" with "exclusive="false" allowedOffline="true", it worked fine!
    x64 version was hard to mod; the simply "exclusive="false" allowedOffline="true" was not enough. I had gotten stuck, until I found dism.log file. Then, analizing it, I was able to find errors and I reconstructed a working hotfix.

  3. KB2533552 x86 - x64
    This is not a real addon. I have modded hotfixes, in order to directly integrate them in Windows 7 iso.
    So you can obtain a full post-SP1 Windows iso, integrating all hotfixes needed.
    You can find my complete download list here
    It's in italian language, but, as you known, hotfixes are international.
    All you need is your language pack for IE 11.
    Using Win Toolkit, you have to uncheck "Failed Updates to Silent Installers" and "Move known Problem Updates to Silent Installers" in "Options" Tab, before adding updates.

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