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  1. Thank Kel for all the time you spend on this project ;)

    I don't know if it's better to remove msconfig cpl too since it's the same of regedit one (I always use "run" command to load regedit or msconfig)

    If you want to keep it maybe you could remove the text inside () since it's the only control panel app with () in the name :)

  2. Hi Kel :)

    Some suggestions:

    - I ask to add ECC back. I know CCleaner is good to clean cookies as well, but I think ECC is better. It is able to identify and delete "expired cookies only" and this is a big feature since CCleaner just allows you to choose them manually with no infos about their validity status

    - I think you should remove Timezone utility since Vista already has the built-in feature to show different time zones (in the clock properties)

    - I think this package is better than original CPL's bonus pack because it includes less tools. I also tried it on XP and it works fine. The only app that gives error is "screen saver powertoy". All others tools are perfect. So I think you could remove this tool (since it's not important one) and have a single installer for both XP and Vista systems optimizing resources ;)


    Some tools, like GPU-Z, need to be updated ;)

  3. Once I finish this I will open up the requests for me translating it into more langs, you will have to do a little translating of one of the INF files (plusoc.inf) and upload the MSI with the mui files plus I will explain the steps I took to do this

    Happy to read this, rick :)

    I'm available to help you with italian translation, I'll wait for your instructions :D


    Is the package installable on running Windows XP right-clicking on the inf file, just like the Sidebar?

  4. Hi Rick,

    here is the link for patched files you requested (I tried the ones posted by Sheikaln and sidebar.exe doesn't seem to work, it has wrong file size):


    Also here is a better translation for the localized strings :)

    Sheiklan translation is good but this version is more Microsoft-style (I used same words of Office and Windows installations) so it makes it looking more "original" ;)

    Italian strings:

    InsTitle ="Installazione di Windows Sidebar"

    InstQuest="Installare Windows Sidebar?"

    InsFinal ="Congratulazioni, Windows Sidebar

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