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  1. Hello Rick, I'm going to provide stuff to make italian version. Just a question: is correct if I take sidebar files from a Vista Ultimate 32-bit installation with all windowsupdate patches installed? Can I install also the rc release of sp1 or is it better to don't do that? Thanks a lot
  2. Very good idea, I find it very useful and often install it in addition to your pack (1mb is a small size, we are in 2007)
  3. Hi Kel, a little question: Installing it on a Windows with the one-click setup, can I overwrite an older version of your pack with no problems or do I need to remove it first?
  4. mmm... this kind of player is already included into wmp11, you just need to select compact mode using the arrow in the down-right corner
  5. black version of aero cursors is perferct with royal noir theme
  6. thanks for auto maker, I'll perform some tests on it
  7. really thanks kel, I'll provide you the list asap (do you prefer a pm or a post in this thread?)
  8. you are right anyway, I found them... these are the link so maybe you can include them in your addon to make it more complete here is logout screen (shell32.dll replacement) http://forums.hardwarezone.com/showpost.ph...mp;postcount=55 here is login screen (logonui.exe replacement) http://www.themexp.org/preview.php?mid=169...oir+English.zip hope you'll appreciate I made a little search and found that logonui/shell32 etc are not multilanguage because text is inside the file... maybe I will translate them to italian so you can release an italian version of the pack in the future
  9. ok thanks... do you want I'll send them to you after patching for your pack?
  10. eheheh you are right but I saw on ryanvm forum that kel (I really appreciate him) packed a lite version of his pack for a user that makes the request... so I'm trying this is because I want to keep my unattended cleaner as possible with no useless files/features
  11. great theme (I love royal noir) but login and logout screens are missing (I mean default luna theme are used) I know that they are not included in the pack from the author but I found on web them separately (login is a loginui.exe replacement, logout is a dll)... If you want I can search for the links so you can create a real full royale remixed theme ps is it right that logut text is in english on non-english xp version?
  12. really thanks I always use latest nlite build
  13. sorry but same question: is it compatible with nlite ?
  14. If you can, can I request a lite version (I see your post on ryanvm's forum) with only cpl I need? really thank you in advance (if you'll answer yes I give you the list)
  15. Downloading now Edit: Installed... it works Maybe you should remove mgb screensaver because it's not microsoft official one Also you should update vista beta and vista beta 2 screensavers with rtm versions P.S. I have vista installed... if you need screensaver files let me know
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