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  1. finally that probelm has gone.. now just need to run update and see if any files changes and that the repatcher works one typo in ur script... visual task tips .. doesnt start at startup becoz the entry is incorrect in the registery .. the file name shud be tasktips.exe but in the registry its visualtasktips.exe How about you add vistart and truetransperancy and transbar.. that wud make it perfect
  2. waiting for the fixed version to be uploaded.. P.S how is the windows seven one going one.. windowsx released his transformation pack..but i always find his buggy.. cheers
  3. ok still getting that error at startup.. mmm any1 else getting this.... its quite irritating
  4. now i am getting Error: unable to read section "live patch" during t-13 .. wasnt happening b4
  5. ok great waiting for the fixed version to come out so that we can test it again and give u the feedbacks.. cheers mate . and great job
  6. during startup since that live patcher runs at startup( xptsp.exe /AUTOPATCH..shows in msconfig) and even when u run it from the cpl ..i also get the error.. am not sure y i am getting this .. is there any log file created.. maybe its conflicting with some addons..?? Also when i looked at the xptsp.ini file there is no live.patch section, but there was a "livepatch" so when i changed it to live.patch another error came up this time it was looking for live.replace. just to make things clear i cud be making a mistake.. i just need that gui addon right or do i also have to intergrate the live patch addon
  7. still getting this error Error: unable to read section "live patch" was this fixed. and i also had the theme problem.. will try again with the theme fix..
  8. sorry mate it doesnt work on vista.. dont get the integrate to source option
  9. cant wait for the updates and fixes.. u have done a very good job so far and once ur done wit this u can make a windows seven pack..hehehhe.. i have downloaded and used the xp by cyberwarez.. they have modified to look like windows seven.. pretty awesome.. but they dont give the tansformation packs
  10. That second screen is on a virtual machine.. (virtual box) running on vista .. but the operating system running in the virtual machine is XP Pro .. the source in which i intergrated the files. and also the colour of the task manager didnt change ( i chose purple) and the extra programs dont get intergrated
  11. i am getting the erro in the attached file.. its regarding repatching..any ideas
  12. ok found the problem.. maybe it can be fixed in the next version .. it doesnt work on vista... and i am not trying to patch vista files..my primary OS is vista and i am trying to patch XP Source files.. but tested on XP as primary OS it works
  13. i do not get that option http://dc112.4shared.com/img/97760361/3a4c...ge3.JPG?sizeM=3 i dont get that screen.. i am just using the file XPtsp_v1.4.6.3_GUI.exe
  14. can any1 provide a tutorial on how to use this.. am using vista.. wen i try to patch my source ( XP) i think it trys to patch my vista files.. and the source dont get patched..
  15. how does the live version work.. suppose i have update my pc and some files have changed .. i want to apply the customization again.. what do i have to do .. and is theer any addon which adds that feature automatically
  16. Notepad++ 5.0 has been relased.. how about an update .. Thanks
  17. hi rick .. thx for this .. just wondering is there a option to repir or re modify files .. since later on updates can replace the files .. so will there be an option to remodify or do we have to rebuild the whole iso again
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