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  1. On 24.11.2015 at 7:51 AM, baronen_kh said:

    you need to use Windows 10 or install a Windows kit kit with dism v10.(deployment and imaging Tool invironment)

    Then point wintoolkit to the new dism

    I'm using Windows 10. So the Screenshot was make from a Windows 10 System. But still cant integrate any Update to any Windows 10 Image.

  2. Also no matter which Update I try to install to any Windows 10 Image it does not install it, it just fails two times and push it to silentinstallers. But this is not right, I also tryied to install LanguagePacks and they also failed (at all Windows 10 Images and all Windows 10 Setups and PEs)


    Thanks for your hard work!

  3. Hi Legolash2o, I tryied the v2.0.5651.42757 and I'm getting an error when I load a .wim file (which includes a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB) error is:


    Der angeforderte Wert "EnterpriseS" konnte nicht gefunden werden.


    (the Errormessage is german and means "The requested value 'EnterpriseS' could not be found."

    When I delete the LTSBs then it can load, but crashes at loading updates into the All-In-One Tool.

    a the latest v1.5 the LTSB versions are no problem.



    Best regards,


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