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  1. wait, there's something wrong. The downloaded files, although called "win10 1909" contain version 18362.418 (19h1), according to the file [1].xml inside install.wim.

    this doesn't add up. it should be version 18363.xxx (19h2)


    edit: after installing, the about dialog says "Windows version 1909 (OS Build 18363.418)"


  2. Hi!


    I just downloaded v1.6.0.7 and when I press the "update cache" button, the app crashes with an "major unhandled error" message and then it freezes, you have to kill the process to get outta  there.

    I hope this can be fixed ASAP. thanks.

  3. I ran more tests, with Win7 X86 pro this time and ran into the infamous "could not apply the unattend.xml fromthe msu" for 7 or 8 updates.

    Plus IE11 wouldn't integrate.

    This behavior seems to be random, it might work one time, but fail the next.


    The cumm. update wasn't integrated (but it was integrated fine with windows ThinPC)...

  4. BTW, I did a quick test with andWindows ThinPC.

    I found a couple of issues:


    Windows update client wasn't integrated. all three files ended up with a red "X" beside them.

    (I actually don't now if this is still required or if it was replaced by a newer update)

    KB3042058 and KB3172605 ended up with a "?" mark beside it (don't know what that means).

    Both had the error applying the unattend.xml...

    On the plus side, the big cummulative update that wasn't integrated with previous versions of WT was integrated correctly (apparently)

  5. On 24-10-2017 at 6:11 AM, Thiersee said:

    Liam forgot in both the new releases (official) and (Test) a debug-box checked; therefore starting WTK executes only a test on the boot.wim.

    Go into "Options" and uncheck the option "Boot.wim Test".

    Then works WTK as usual.

    Where is that "boot.wim test" option?

    I don't see it anywhere.

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