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  1. It has worked, but this version does not work:)

    This meant bad English!

    You can try selecting the ThinPC installed first in 'Create AIO Disk' and then your other images after. That may work smile.png

    TESTING !!

  2. I make a disc with x86-based versions, and x64-based versions. An earlier version I was able to increase the bundle in the thin windows.

    With the latest version, it does not work. When I select. Wim file Thin x86 Windows, it jumps directly to the Greate image.

    When I have done AIO Image ready, and I want to add language packs separately whether to add x-86 version, and separately for x-64 version?

    I've always done them separately, first the x86, then x64. This is correct?

    Or is there a faster / easier way?


    ERROR !!

    Error (2)

    "Sometimes this error happens because some of the images in your 2nd wim file has the same name as an image in your main wim file, try renaming an image"


    I did everything I asked and all I could. No effect. Nights! :rtfm:

  4. That's sound like a request......

    I made a few changes to half of theme pack integration which made the 2nd half completely useless and error. So v23 updated the rest of the theme pack integration code.


    Not ... It is not a request. That feature has been in existence. Newer is not ....

  5. You didn't answer my question properly, what happens after install i.e. is it missing? no background? etc... please have a printscreen. Also, what's the network name of your PC? I may have a log.

    It is on the list as others but you can not use the Aero version, which does not work correctly

    This is a test machine so that the network name changes each time, depending on how it lasts tap, most commonly it is a TEST


    Your second post did not make sense :)

    The second message a different story:

    In the old toolkit program, which was the feature of choosing a different tweaks and if you pressed the Shift key, you were able to choose more at a time!

  6. released v22, some fixes. Added more info when theme packs don't get integrated.

    TH-TECH, i'll have a look at that some time. How do you know it's not the theme itself? Can you tell me how it's not displaying correctly, maybe with a print screen?

    I am able to install this theme later. And I've tried different versions of a file. A competitor's program RT7 you know, it succeeds. But I do not use the program ever again.

    W7-Toolkit is for everyday use!

    I miss feature, which was an older version. So, were you able to tweak a number of choices by holding the shift key on the bottom!

  7. Preppi txt.tiedosto is then Finnish.

    I changed the program toolkit in C: \ drive root. Pre formatting the NTFS format, begins to operate.

    Boot work only my own computer. Other computer say :

    File: \BOOT\BCD

    STATUS : 0xc0000225

    Info : An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

  8. Lego!

    IDEA and the questions:

    I want to make a Windows version of the so-called 7Pro. version of the work, but I want the same package to the Ultimate version of the game.

    If I put the Silent Installer in different programs, it understands that they are different versions.

    Ie, different programs for different Windows versions.

    Work version of Office 2010

    Game version of the steam, etc.

    Hopefully you understood what I meant.

  9. Awesome glad it's working!

    P.S. I've move your context menu tweaks to the request forum :)

    Very great job!

    Today, I have integrated the x64 versions. More than 1,000 different types of drivers, about 600 wallpaper 914 gadgets, tweaks, IE9, etc.

    Everything is working brilliantly. Now I'll try to make the x86 version and then make AIO imagen.

    I am very pleased with the program, which is just the Alpha level !!!!!

  10. What was you trying to do? Where was the image mounted?

    I have not been able to replicate the issue, however im testing your settings now, but won't find out the results till after i finish work. Click 'Subscriptions' at the top for more info about memberships.

    EDIT: Setup background changed, Logon didnt and default background changed... Hmm must be something wrong with the logon background. I'll fix this when i can :)

    Thank you Lego!

    All tweakit does not work or is missing. For example, Run by Administrator!

    I think that next week you get a bonus ... :owned:

  11. I'm confused, in order for the OOBE background screen to change (where you first enter your name, username, password, etc...) you need to use the 'Change Logon Background' tweak.

    I have the same picture setup menu, the log on screen and the desktop in the backround.



    500ms Delay Aero Peek

    Add "Admin Tools" to Desktop context-menu

    Add "All Tasks" to Desktop context-menu

    Add "Defrag" to Desktop context-menu

    Add "Manage" to Desktop context-menu

    Add "Open CMD here" to Folder Context-menu

    Add "Open Elevated CMD here" to Folder context-menu

    Add "Services" to Desktop context-menu

    Add Copy To Folder to context-menu

    Add 'God Mode' to Computer context-menu

    Add Move To Folder to context-menu

    Add Take Ownership to context-menu (files)

    Add Take Ownership to context-menu (folders)

    Add 'Unpack' to *.msi context menu

    Allow 3rd Party Themes

    Always Unload DLL

    Block Negative DNS Entries

    Change Default Background::C:\Users\THE BOSS-x\Pictures\FIRMAN LOGO.jpg

    Change Logon Background::C:\Users\THE BOSS-x\Pictures\FIRMAN LOGO.jpg

    Change Setup Background::C:\Users\THE BOSS-x\Pictures\FIRMAN LOGO.bmp

    Control Panel View::Small Icons

    Detailed Shutdown/Logon

    Disable highlighting of new programs

    Disable Low Disk Space Notification

    Enable DVD in Media Player

    Enable Gadgets with UAC Off

    Enabled Avalon Effects

    Faster Browsing in IE

    Force Aero

    IE Homepage::http://www.google.fi

    Increase RPC Packet Size

    Keep Positive DNS Entries

    Kill Services Quicker on Shutdown

    Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Process

    Open NFO files with notepad

    Remove Shortcut Arrow

    Remove Shortcut Suffix

    Remove Windows Mail Splash

    Restore Previous Folder at Logon

    Show 'Computer' on Desktop

    Show 'Control Panel' on Desktop

    Show 'Downloads' on Start Menu

    Show 'Favourites' on Start Menu

    Show 'HomeGroup' on Start menu

    Show 'Network' on Desktop

    Show 'Network' on Start Menu

    Show 'Recent Docs' on Start Menu

    Show 'Run' on Start Menu

    Show User Folder on Desktop

    Speed Up Desktop

    Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files

    White CMD Text

    Word Warp in Notepad


    Enable CMD

    Force Unsigned

    Prepare Drivers

    Prompt Addons

    Prompt Drivers

    Prompt Gadgets

    Prompt Silent

    Prompt Themes

    Prompt Updates

    Prompt Wallpapers

    Rebuild Image

    Skip Driver Checks


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