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  1. I have such a poor command of English that I can probably explain things properly. But it would be great if you could make a so-called. HP or ACER style RESTORE partition on your computer. The programs will be installed in place automatically. Now they will not install unless the install dvd drive the whole operating system You could do a bar that looks like the program is installed, eg 1 to 20. Similarly, you could make it easier to make a so-called. AIO disk with a 32 and 64 bit Windows 7. It would also be nice if it were ready for a place to put the net use command, mapped directly to the server disk drive. Also, it would be nice if you could set the home page will automatically be constant, and ninite style "side", ie I could directly choose what software to install. :thumbsup_anim:
  2. Can you make the plugin more gadgets, more wallpapers and themes, as well as an option to save to USB memory stick
  3. Sorry lego. I am currently in Finland in proper flu and now I like the little break from computers. Return to issue a few days later. Greetings from cold Finland
  4. Run once / Silent installer will only be one error, and even then only when the installation of Windows is the point that the RunOnce starts. It indicates that path not found. i cannot get you print screen on this point. Is there any possibility to rip the run oncen start. Imageni will not fit on a DVD .... The problem is not if you run the image to DVD drive or virtual machine
  5. Is not hidden, but this station does not recognize the status of the installation at the beginning of c: etc. because it is a boot disk ....
  6. Hello again, I made yesterday a new version of the image version of the W7085 and the 1.0 version together. Image is absolutely fantastic. Burner imagen USB memory stick and then transferred it to your hard drive where the recovery partition is located. Image size is less than 7GB. Image works fine when I test it virtualbox, etc. When I install the device in a real environment, however, remains silent Installer programs that are installed because the path does not exist. VirtualBox image acts as a "DVD drive" Now the image is the hard drive. Can I change the way the path that it realizes in most appsit located?. Thanks in advance for your response. I think path %DVD%\Apps\..... is problem ??
  7. Hello For some reason the latest version of the 085 ... is not properly integrate the RAID drivers (Promise). Do I need to integrate them directly boot.wim?? Thank you very much good program. Make a new version of the just peace. Do not rush. Enjoy the spring and life. Greetings from Finland ... ------------------------ Problem solved ! Thanks lego
  8. Hey Lego! Just a great program. If you can really quickly concluded that the All-In-One Integrator's condition. The most amazing lego! Need a particular addon Integrator's fast ...
  9. Yes! Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit SP1 Eng. by technet and windows 7 Languagepack with SP1 Can anyone help me ??
  10. Hi Lego ! I cant install languagepack (Finnsih) with thsi version. Windows 7Ultimate x64. Original Technet version with SP1.
  11. Hi Legolash2Go Can you integrate this GREAT PROGRAM to your program ? https://ninite.com/ maybe this program help you. This is really great.
  12. Hi Legolash2Go Can you integrate this GREAT PROGRAM to your program ? https://ninite.com/ maybe this program help you. This is really great.
  13. This is list of components what i am safely remove onother programs ( Vlite, Rlite etc) Check this and maybe we can do " THE SAFELIST Accessories: Action Center Aero Cursors Calculator Character Map Disk CleanUp InboxGames Chess FreeCell Hearts Shanghai Minesweeper Moregames MultiPlayer PurblePlace Solitaire Sticky Notes SpiderSolitaire Mobility Center Notepad On-Screen Magnifier Windows Contacts Paint Welcome Center Windows sidebar Drivers: Display - Nvidia, Intel, ATI Media Managers - High Definition Audio Driver (Default), ATI Technologies, Aver Media Technologies, Conexant, Hauppauge (Choose all except for your device) Network: All except AIO drivers Modem (Choose all except for your device) Scanners (Choose all except for your device) Printers (Choose all except for your device) TV Tuner (Choose all except for your device) Floppy driver Languages: (Choose all except your country language) Note: Do not delete Chinese simplified and traditional Multimedia: Autoplay Windows Aero themes Mobile PC Presentation (Delete it if you are using desktop) Sample Music and Videos Sample Pictures Screensavers Sound Recorder Windows DVD Maker Windows ISO Burn Windows Media Center Windows Media Player Windows Photo Gallery (shimgvw) Windows Photo Viewer Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard Windows Sounds Windows wallpapers Network: Connect To Network Projector Internet Information service (IIS) Telnet Client Telnet Server Internet explorer Services: Windows defender Windows card space Themes Windows Fax Windows Phone Dialer System: Narrator TabletPC On-Screen Keyboard Windows Anytime Upgrade Windows PowerShell Zip Folder Windows Easy Transfer Windows Anytime Upgrade System Restore BUT! Some drivers make BSOD IF you are removed Floppy, IIS, indexing, windows easy transfer, So BIG JOB!!
  14. [quote name='Legolash2o' timestamp='1283618838' post='67200'] Practice sure does make perfect, takes its time tho... Dunno about the encoding error either, hmm...
  15. Yeps. Harjoitus tekee mestarin. Koodausvirhe Windowsin <-----Finnish Can you update toolkit soon when you found error!
  16. Yep! Something make it. I am making many many image many years...xp vista 7, server 2003 & 2008. You can remove components safely what you not need system restore etc. I have raid 10 so if something harware fail happened i can fixit. I have server 2008 too where is my backup. Dont worry. Its normally to me. I tested all 100%. I am user with big U. Not normally user. So if coming error its coming later too..... This image stopping blue screen so some components what i removed maked this. I am made this kind image rt7lite too so i know the blue screen is program fail.
  17. I usen my boottest hard drive. 73Gb WD .... This is small test image. i have over 50gb too.....:thumbsup_anim:
  18. Working fine for me. Lot of stuff integrate....testing now
  19. I made the Big installation DVD with Sp1. Windows 7 64bit / 32bit about 300 drivers Over 300 backrounf images / Themes 500 gadgets Office 2010, Visual studio etc. 24,3 Gb Now Installing.... .... Toolkit working fine. Not any errors.... ... Look good. I remove many services and components language packs, system restore etc.
  20. I think Answer is here : http://www.rt7lite.com/
  21. I telling you..... But my vife writing. He can writing English better to me....I know what i want....
  22. Lego : EDIT: TH-TECH, when you said after SP1 they display twice, go to the "Package" column, are they different? (Scroll right>>)<BR itxtvisited="1"> Yes ! There is two files, same file BUT 6.1.7600.16385 AND 6.1.7601.16562 RTM ORIGINAL AND WITH SP-1 !! I made soon new test image and removeing all old version to list. EDIT : I made new image and installing to virtual machine. Everything seems working fine. I think that version is good. But i believe you can make it better:P
  23. Wonderfull ! Great job!! Silent installer working wine newest version. When you are making a new version ?
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