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    BiuS got a reaction from slapdaddypink.ln@gmail.com in WTK problem with merging x64 and x86   
    I have i problem. Tried to merge Windows 7 Enterprise x86 and Enterprise x64 (both costumized and fully working by WinToolkit nothing too deep few tweaks 2 languages packs and few components removed) and after make the iso and use on a virtual machine that's what i get

    No name or description and if i select one of those i got a error message saiyng "Windows could not display images avaliable for installation"
    Any suggestion?
    UPDATE 1: Tried to merge using the WAIK using the command lines and stuffs but got the same problem. Now i'm wondering if the problem is the modified build of windows (with updates post sp1 and language packs) or if the problem is i'm tring to merge same edition in this case enterprise. Then i come across the question: If i successfully merge the Enterprise sp1 x64 and x86 unmodified would be possible to customize with the Wintoolkit?
    UPDATE1.1: Tried to rename the wim files and the name of the build inside WTK but same error.
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