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  1. MAJ Ultimate HTPC (v2.0.3) EventGhost (0.4.1.r1534) ProgDVB (6.63.10) VLC (
  2. @ Wanako1 & bphlpt U're welcome :icon_cool: . For the moment, I don't plan to release an updated addon (sorry).
  3. Updated INF file renamed : MMonkey3.inf ---> MeMonkey.inf MediaMonkey (v3.2.5.1306) XtremAddOnRes.dll (
  4. Fixed an error reporting by cosy (from ryanvm.net).
  5. Add fix about files (system32) names (see 1rst post). [epm.sys32] BootMan.exe,pmstr520.exe epmntdrv.sys,pmstr521.sys EuEpmGdi.dll,pmstr522.dll EuGdiDrv.sys,pmstr523.sys setupempdrv03.exe,pmstr524.exe [sourceDisksFiles] . . . pmstr715.exe = 1 pmstr716.sys = 1 pmstr717.dll = 1 pmstr718.sys = 1 pmstr719.exe = 1 Sorry :sweatingbullets:
  6. ricktendo64 a mis à jour son addon et, oh grand merci, a ajouté une version compatible RVMi. Les équivalents FR sont dispo dès maintenant (voir 1er post). :thumbsup_anim:
  7. Updated: EPM (v8.0.1) Xtr3mAddOneRes.dll (v2.0.0.4)
  8. OK. Thanx Any ideas about strong name validation problem :help: ?
  9. Hi Ricks ! I made a french version of your XP_to_MCE05 addon (available >>>here<<<) & it works fine. But when I do the same with your Windows 7 Media Center v1.0 addon, it's failed. Even after following all steps as decribed below: same results : Can you also send me the INF file you made that will install this on a already installed system? Thanx.
  10. 18.02.2011 Updated : Xtr3mAddOneRes.dll (v2.0.0.3) Regentry about Ultimate HTPC version (v2.0.2)
  11. 14.02.2011 UPDATED ProgDVB (v6.60) Fixed/Replaced with to launch manual install (Right click --- > Install command in context menu) v6.60 will be online in few hours.
  12. Updated: EPM (v7.0.1) Xtr3mAddOneRes.dll (v2.0.0.3)
  13. MAJ : EventGhost (v0.3.7.r1482) ProgDVB(v6.51.3) VideoLAN (v1.1.6) Xtr3mAddOneRes.dll (v2.0.0.3) Ultimate HTPC : en cours ... La suite d'instruction suivantes : était utilisé pour supprimer %16422%\EventGhost\plugins\Task\hook.dll, fichier vérrouillé (reboot obligatoire) au moment de la désinstallation. Grâce à BinText ou à Dependency Walker, j'ai trouvé un paramètre rendant ces instructions inutiles : StopHook. Et voici comment : ET/OU ET/OU
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