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  1. Hi everybody ! Sorry for the delay on the availability of addons . But a serious problem with my internet connection cause corruption of the archives :ranting: during uploading to my ftp account. I'll put them online as soon as possible :sweatingbullets: . Thanx.
  2. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 excels your multimedia power with a collection of three products bundled into one powerful suite. It's loaded with superior burning software and special multimedia tools to enhance your music, photos and videos. Publisher: Nero AG License: Shareware (15 days trial) Version: 10.0.13100 OS: 2000/XP (SP3) Language : DEU/ENU/ESP/FRA/ITA/NLD/PLK/PTB/PTG/TRK PREREQUISITES (4 Nero BurnLite ONLY) M$ Visual C++ 2005 SP1 + KB973923 M$ Silverlight MSXML 4 SP3 (or +) ----------------------------------------------------------- .Net Frameworks 3SP2 & 3.5 SP1 addon by user_hidden's or by jaynbe M$ VC++ Redist 2008 SP1 KB973552 (x86) or a M$ VC++2005/2008 Runtimes addon by Kels or by jaynbe Microsoft VC++ Primary Interoperability Assemblies (PIA) 2005 (x86) Addon is available under 02 forms : /////////////////////// WITH ALL PREREQUISITES (EXCEPT .NET FX FAMILY PACK) //////////////////////// Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Lite Edition includes following apps (+ their help files) : Nero Lite 10 - Nero Burning ROM - Nero CoverDesigner - Nero ControlCenter - Nero Express - Nero WaveEditor Nero Multimedia Tools 10 - Nero BurnRights - Nero DiscSpeed - Nero InfoTool Size : CRC-32 : MD4 : MD5 : SHA-1 : Nero Burning ROM 10 Lite Edition includes following apps (+ their help files) : - Nero Burning ROM - Nero Express - Nero ControlCenter Size : CRC-32 : MD4 : MD5 : SHA-1 : Nero StartSmart Free 10 includes following apps (+ their help files) : - Nero BurnLite 10 - Nero ControlCenter ///////////////////////// WITHOUT PREREQUISITES ///////////////////////////// Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Lite Edition (International) Size : 72.1 MB CRC-32 : 502ba323 MD4 : caee53bdc5b5d96e5713b893fc6bd983 MD5 : f0c8575512d33fab9a41d6c7d3aeff99 SHA-1 : 99a2e1d90af424889012bc42156c939be1208575 Nero Burning ROM 10 Lite Edition (International) Size : 41.5 MB CRC-32 : 4a664719 MD4 : 9b32c3b6f318ba84f61f04e26ac37367 MD5 : 6e8f593aeefc1f65072d7d595a3862aa SHA-1 : d0a00a8a3fad62741bbf4671be8cfe0d19d60e1d Nero StartSmart Free 10 (International) Size : 22.8 MB CRC-32 : 84dbd843 MD4 : ef51db1a98c79d8260b581ee13566b0d MD5 : 99656fdba76702ae9e1150e1b9b5b033 SHA-1 : b03e212fda382b51aa1f208c9bd91ca5ea561559 Files associations : Nero Burning ROM/Nero Express : .nab, .nhf, .nhv, .nmd, .nr3, .nr4, .nra, .nrb, .nrc, .nrd, .nre, .nrg, .nrh, .nri, .nrj, .nrm, .nrs, .nru, .nrv, .nrw, .nsd Nero Wave Editor : .cdc, .ncd, .nct, .ncw Nero Wave Editor : .nwf ////////////////////////////////// TWEAKS /////////////////////////// Nero animated splash screen is "enabled" by default in sections [Nero.Main], [burn.Rights], [NeroCC.Main], [NeroCoverDes], [WavEditor] Overburn writing on DVD discs : enabled Show real burning speed during burning tasks : enabled Add/remove Nero burning functions in context menu (Start Menu --> All programs --> Nero --> Setup) /////////////////////////////////// LIMITATIONS (fixes in progress...) /////////////////////////// Nero InfoTool (part of Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Lite Edition) has same icon than Nero CoverDesigner in Software tab /////////////////////////////////// NOTES ///////////////////////////////// The script DOES NOT SUPPORT uninstallation of the original versions of Nero (from AHEAD). Please, uninstall your previous Nero copy manually. THANX Windows XP dialog box Windows File Protection could be appear during manual install of addons. In that case, click on YES button. To set it to "Always Off", add an addon SFC_OS.DLL patch in your integration addons list (see Zacam patch addons) or, for a manual install, follow >>>this procedure<<< or >>>THIS OTHER<<< Multilingual addon : english (en-US), german (de-DE), dutch(nl-NL), french(fr-FR), italian(it-IT), polish(pl-PL), portuguese(pt-BR), portuguese(pt-PT), spanish (es-ES), turkish (tr-TR) Don't blame me for translation : I've use Google, Reverso, Babel Fish online translators. But you can help to make it better. Please post your localization files >>>HERE<<<) Addons are installables/uninstallable by Add/Remove Windows Components function. Deletion of Nero Suite 10 Lite / Nero Burning ROM components will completely remove ALL which are dependent for it All addon are based on Nero Multimedia Suite 10 (10.0.13100). NONE serial number given. To add registrattion infos, proceed like this : :arrow: extract (with 7Zip, WinRAR...) addon, open Nero10LE.inf/Nero10L.inf, go to section [strings] & complete line below: ;--------------------- REGISTRATION INFOS --------------------------------- YOUR_SERIAL ="" After that, recompress archive (for integration with RVMi/nLite) or install...Et voilà! :arrow: execute Nero ControlCenter (Start Menu --> All programs --> Nero --> Setup) & enter a valid serial DUE TO "RANDOM" NATURE OF THE METHOD ABOVE, YOU ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR PREFER RATHER METHOD FOR ENTERING THE SERIAL NUMBER(S) WITH NERO CONTROLCENTER. Integration (with RVMI/Nlite, at T-13) & in manual install, all prerequisites listed higher & available in Nero Multimedia Suite 10 installer are installed, due to code65536 recommandations about runtimes manual install.
  3. Hi everybody ! After 1 month of hard work, I finally finished my Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Lite Edition addon. But, one last step remaining before I share it with members of this community : add internationalization support. So I need your help to translate strings below in following languages (English (ENU) & French (FRA) are OK): German (DEU) Spanish (ESP) Dutch (NLD) Italian (ITA) Polish (PLK) Portuguese (PTB) Turkish (TRK) Thanx :worthy:
  4. Updated : - ProgDVB v6.49.4 - Xtr3mAddOnRes.dll (v1.0.0.18)
  5. Try this: """%16422%\Mon_Prog\uninst.exe"" /S"
  6. - MAJ de EventGhost (v0.3.7.r1462) - MAJ de GOM (v2.1.25 b5015), - MAJ de ProgDVB (v6.34.2) - MAJ de l'addon Ultimate HTPC : en cours ...
  7. Nero Burning ROM Publisher : Nero AG License : Trial Version : OS : 2000/XP/Vista Language(s) : English/French Size : 43 MB CRC-32 : df8b0ded MD4 : c421b55c8f22d21191d338c7787f2ca3 MD5 : d1ef2d3b47663a750f7c77f3922b52b4 SHA-1 : b8c2b0e36848895d5ef73426f2a792c4dcc70cd9 Followings Apps are included in Nero 8 Micro (+ Help Files) : Nero Burning Rom Nero Express Installed Components: Nero Audio Plugins Nero VideoCD Support Custom AddIns: Nero InfoTool Nero ControlCenter added to Control Panel Included in Nero 8 Lite: Nero Burning Rom Nero Express Nero Cover Designer Nero Wave Editor Nero Toolkit (BurnRights, DiscSpeed, DriveSpeed, InfoTool) Installed Components: Nero Audio Plugins Nero VideoCD Support Files Association : .nab, .nhf, .nhv, .nmd, .nr3, .nr4, .nra, .nrb, .nrc, .nrd, .nre, .nrg, .nrh, .nri, .nrj, .nrm, .nrs, .nru, .nrv, .nrw, .nsd NOTE : Based on/inspired by Nero Micro True Addon by Preputium64 Supported Languages : english & french it's installable/uninstallable with Add/Remove Windows Components function. Nero 8 Lite's Sub-components: Nero Burning ROM , Nero CoverDesigner, Nero WaveEditor Nero 8 ToolKit's Sub-components : Nero BurnRights , Nero DiscSpeed, Nero DriveSpeed, Nero InfoTool The deletion of Nero Suite 8 Lite means deletion of ALL others components The deletion of Nero Burning ROM means deletion of ALL others components Addon available here coming from Nero Lite (build & downloadable from updatepack.nl NONE serial given . This is how to register Nero : extract (with 7Zip, WinRAR...) addon Open Nero8L.inf file, go to [strings] section & give infos below: ;--------------------- REGISTRATION INFOS --------------------------------- YOUR_NAME ="" YOUR_COMPANY ="" YOUR_SERIAL ="" [*]After that, re-compress archive or install...Voil
  8. Bonjour @ tous :welcome: ! MAJ vers la v8.3.20.0 (voir 1er post pour tous les changements)
  9. Salut Alpha_95 :welcome: ! Les entrées de ton soft pour affichage dans le Panneau de configuration peuvent être SIMPLEMENT supprimées AVANT L'INSTALL (avant réécriture éventuelle) : Voici, par exemple, comment j'ajoute/supprime une icône pour Nero ControlCenter dans le Panneau de config (le GUID a été généré à l'aide du soft M$ cité + bas) : Si t'as d'autres questions ou souhaites approfondir, RDV sur le sous-forum FR de wincert. Créés-y un nouveau topic et fournis moi le lien par MP, ou on se retrouve sur le site de Moebius ? ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I use Microsoft Exchange Server GUID Generator (GUIDGen) to generate GUID's. If u've more questions, please let's continue this discussion in french on Wincert's French sub-forum or on Moebius' site. OK? Thanx :thumbsup_anim: .
  10. :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: @ ricktendo64, Alpha_95, DaRk MaDnEsS Thanx 4 ur replies & contributions :thumbsup_anim: . I finally choose to use RunPreSetupCommands to solve my problem. Bye !
  11. Hi everybody! ////////////////////////////// REQUEST #1 ///////////////////////////////////////// I'm workin' on Nero Lite/Micro true addon (english/french). One thing missing : i plan to check reg entries about nero previous versions(v7/v8). If ONE of these reg entries is found, a message will prompt user : "A previous version of Nero has been founded on your system. Please uninstall it before continuing.". This will abort addon installation. I'm tryin' to use CustomDestination directive to check Windows registry. But i'm little bit confused about its using. Durant my tests, this above prompt message is shown, even there's no regentries for NERO. ////////////////////////////// REQUEST #2 ///////////////////////////////////////// I'm also workin' on an addon for Nero And i'm lookink for how to check if .NET Framework 3.0 (Registry check) is installed or not. PLEASE YOUR HELP, LINKS & ADVICES WILL VERY APPRECIATED. THANX
  12. - MAJ d'Everest (v0.3.7r1436), ProgDVB (v6.32_8) et VLC (1.0.5) ---> MAJ d'Ultimate HTPC (v1.2.2)
  13. Hi! Ok, the last pack (Pack #4 : Wallpapers) is online. I also fixed a minor bug in file Vista2XP from AIO Pack (without that,Vista2XP Pack #4 - Official Wallpaper.jpg won't be copied during integration.) Bye
  14. Hello everybody! In advance, sorry 4 my english level. I try to do my best. After almost 1 year ½ of searching/learning/optimizing, i'm very happy to share this work with u : the Vista2XP Packs. Nota : The retro curves in picture above have been created with Photoshop CS3. Tuto >>> Mix Cool Retro Curves Into Your Photographs written by Fabio, member of excellent site PSDTUTS. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SPECIAL BIGS HUGE THANX To wallace87000 (my eternal hommy), for his encouragements & to Vivi, for her tenderness & so on, so on. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THANX TO MrNxDmX (ryanvm.net, wincert.net), for his amazing work & highly contribution to the addon community , and to get me his permission to use his >>>Windows XP User Account Pictures Replacer Addon<<< as template. without him, this share won't be possible. -- U miss us. Please, come back!-- elrico, for hosting & his help Rafael & ZoRoNaX : for their great soft Alky For Applications Aztek, member of site du zéro and author of tuto (in french) Customize his folders with desktop.ini files, that I've used in this addons (specialy in Pack #1 : Sample Pictures). James Minchin : for the WSH script To change Windows theme in command line (I modded it to apply it to XP UAP changing). Sites Socksoff.co.uk | HD Wallpaper.net , for All of the amazing pictures in freely share & that I use in my addons. DJMattRicks , a devianARTist, for his VPlants pictures packs. Hammad Darwish , Vista's 'official photograph' , for his big talent & the extraordinary pictures/landscapes he gaves us. ricktendo64, bober, for batch script V'iso/XPtsp ( >>>FRENCH VERSION BY ME HERE<<< & on this >>>MIRROR<<<, by dougiefresh) that I used for resources patching. ENU_user, (ryanvm.net) again, for Nesting Addons in Add/Remove Windows Components whose highly helps me for a better understanding of Windows Components. Without him, Xtr3mres.inf won't be created. Microsoft, for technical help available on its sites Technet and MSDN Forums below, for their members contributions: upd.fr wincert.net ryanvm.net win-web.be Forum French System AddOns.fr /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// TECH NOTES For the Vista2XP Pack #1 - Sample Pictures, I've used a trick like Vista's files localization/translating. PREREQUISITES : Alky For Applications v1.1 (XP version) Restorator2007/2009 (shareware) | Resource Hacker v3.4.0.79 / Resource Hacker v3.5.2 Beta (freeware) A non registrable, without resources DLL (it's my departure point to create Xtr3mAddOnRes.dll) Images/Pictures (from Vista/Se7en or others, as you like. See listed sites above) Following Vista's files: %SystemRoot%\System32\SampleRes.dll %SystemRoot%\System32\en-US\SampleRes.dll.mui --> (MUI Dir name depends on your Vista native english : en-AU|BZ|CA|CB|GB|IE|JM|NZ|PH|TT|US|ZA) %ProgramFiles%\Windows Photo Gallery\PhotoLibraryResources.dll %ProgramFiles%\Windows Photo Gallery\fr-FR\PhotoLibraryResources.dll.mui ************** Don't worry : details will follow later. ************: %SystemRoot%\Resources\Xtr3mAddOneRes Not enought clear? Ok. Open My Computer, and follow guide in images : After that, click on Start ---> My images & open link Sample pictures Now, you can see a hide file named Desktop.ini : it contains images names (in english) & the paths (pointers) to file resources translated (here %SystemRoot%\Resources\Xtr3mAddOneRes\fr-FR\SampleRes.dll.mui have localized files name (in french) [i.e, creek.jpg = Rivière.jpg = resource 101 --> in SampleRes.dll.mui]. Make a test like this : comment any line of file Desktop.ini, save modifs & refresh (Key F5 on keyboard) or close window & reopen it. ...Appreciate! This feature can also apply to others Vista2XP Packs. PS : If u prefer, u can choose an easier way to translate : "by combining" CopyFiles & Strings sections (like I do in Vista2XP Pack #3) CopyFiles Section [strings] Section <--- No ID = default language [ here en-USA = English(USA) ] Section [strings.040C] <--- 040C = fr-FR language ID = Français(France) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Vista2XP Packs are XP customization/replacers addons based on Vista's resources & work on sme way : replacement (with/without backup) XP files with ones from addons. At the biginning, it was a AIO bilingual (ENU/FRA) addon for my own use. But, I decide, 9 months ago, to also create some standalone packs (Read MY REQUEST HERE ---> in french ) and to share all with the members of upd.fr, my 1rst community on the net. But, due some help I've received on script rewritting from various sites members,I decided to share my work with a largest communauty :icon_cool: Addon(s) is(are) available (u've choice) as : AIO Pack : Size : 61.3 MB MD5 : 36B482F5316B9463C9E98EBEF895102B and StandAlone packs below: Pack Vista2XP #1 : Sample Pictures ( images sizes : 1024x768 | 1600x1200 ) Default Pictures replacer Images from Vista Images added Sample Pictures Backup Dir (%AllUsersProfile%\My images\Sample Pictures) Size : 12.3 MB MD5 : 55BD42F586B4A78E1A31ED4B11A26985 Pack Vista2XP #2 : Screen Savers PREREQUISITE : OPENGL32.DLL (included in WinXP, in addon & copied to %windir%\system32) Default Screen Savers Replacer Added Screen Savers Backup Dir (%SystemRoot%\system32) Size : 6.66 MB MD5 : 727FF439919C52878355D48C7DC61C86 Pack Vista2XP #3 : User Account Pictures (Avatars) ( images sizes : 128x128 ) PREREQUISITES : Windows Script 5.6 Defzult UAP Replacers Added Avatars backup Dir (%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\User Account Pictures) Size : 4.19 MB MD5 : C1E9AD6BB52E6096E211B79E90A6169A Pack Vista2XP #4 : Wallpapers ( images sizes : 1024x768 | 1280x1024 | 1600x1200 | 1920x1080 | 1920x1200 | 1920x1440 ) Default Wallpapers Replacers Added Wallpapers Backup Dir (%Windir%\Web\Wallpaper) Windows Movie Maker : ( images sizes : 640x480 | 640x360 ) MMaker Default Images Replacers Added MovieMaker Backup Dir (%ProgramFiles%\Movie Maker\Shared) Size : 43.9 MB MD5 : A9DA99A24374AEB2A29C44BA064EC155 ////////////////////////////////////::: INSTALLATION/UNINSTALLATION :::////////////////////////////// NB : Install/uninstall dialogs/messages/prompts may be differents as ones visibles on snapshots available in topic. It's normal : I'm tryin' to make them more "professional". All Packs are installable/uninstallable by Add/Suppress Windows Component fonction And a prompt message displays, giving u the ability to check ( and thus to remedy it) that no file from pack whose have uninstallation in progress is in use. If u click on : Cancel : System will consider the componant as uninstalled; but really, it is false. ( TO FIX ). OK : opens Display Properties Window on tab (in case of pack #2) Screen saver. By caution, choose (NONE). U can change/modify after uninstallation of pack. ///////////////////::: PARTICULAR CASE : Vista2XP Pack #3 ::://///////// During installation/uninstallation, u can choose to de modify/change your avatar : WARNING : during uninstallation, please follow procedure below : If u click on : Cancel, nothing happens. OK, script %windir%\Resources\Xtr3mAddOneRes\Scripts\Avatars.js starts & Choose a new picture for your account window appears (Timeout = 15 seconds): NB : WAIT until u see Vista2XP Pack #3 window files deletion After that, double-click on any avatar & close all others windows. If u double-click on an image before deletion of Vista2XP Pack #3 files, your account will keep an avatar from Pack #3. To fix it, click on 'Start' button ---> click on the image near your username Now, choose any avatar. Voilààà...
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