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  1. its been a while.. i hope he can update this..
  2. hi, I notice that the battery icon and charging icon looks so weird i hope you can fix this.. Thanks!
  3. yeah... im pretty excited to the next release.
  4. new version is out... http://www.cpuid.com/pcwizard.php I hope you can update it Its a very good addon.. Thanks!!!!
  5. is there a possible way to remove them permanently? its quite confusing specially you really have unknown devices you might overlook or think those drivers that your going install doesnt work anymore.
  6. I integrate XPtsp v1.2 Batch & v1.1 GUI & VISO Live 2.7 and test it to vmware I check some flaws and this is what I saw on my device manager. anyone encounter this problem? need help about this... thanks.
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