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  1. well

    i`m not sure about this but here is two ways

    first compress your WinntBBu.dll then just paste it in I386

    or make an entries and just fill it with some the names and version ...bla bla bla

    and compress it with the WinntBBu.ddl (which should be compressed as well)

    that all

    i hope that helps

    Thanks for your reply. Pasting it into the i386 directory manually works fine, but I was just hoping to avoid that step by using an addon as I often forget to do it. The addon that I have tried is basically what you describe: a 7z archive with an entries.ini (with only a [General] section) + the WINNTBBU.dll. When I use that with nLite, the WINNTBBU.dll in i386 is not updated/changed from the original.

  2. I am trying to make a simple addon which will copy my custom WINNTBBU.DLL to the i386 folder (replacing the original) and compress it to WINNTBBU.DL_. I have not been able to make what should surely be a very simple addon. I have my WINNTBBU.DLL file, along with an entries.ini, in a 7z archive, but nLite will not copy it to the i386 directory. What entries should be in my ini file? Please help and thanks in advance.

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