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  1. Thanks! I didn't find the German version because of the different number. I have installed it and restarted windows, but i still can't start the sidebar repair. I get the same message as before: When I try to run internet related gadgets like the weather gadgets I get this error message: My former sidebar with VAIO worked fine, the installation of Alky didn't show any error. What do I do wrong now? :icon_question:
  2. The installation of msxml 6 failed, because a higher version is already installed. And now?
  3. Sorry but I get a Delay Load Error Warning when trying to open sidebar, but I can't install the Wireless Lan API Hotfix windowsXP_KB940541_x86_ENU.exe because there is a language mismatch with my german system which prevents it from installing. I tried to find a german version of the hotfix, but without success. What can I do? Greets zupipo
  4. Hello Rick, will there be an installer for the new version (v7.05.25), or do I only have to click "install" on the inf. file for an installation on a new pc? thx zupipo
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