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    -=R3p4ck3R=- got a reaction from Umesh Puran Chaudhary in [Repack] AVG Internet Security 2016.v16.131.Build.7924-Pre-activated [Multilang]   
    [Repack] AVG Internet Security 2016.v16.131.Build.7924-Pre-activated [Multilang]

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    -=R3p4ck3R=- reacted to alfreire in [Repack] Avast! Free Antivirus 2016 v12.3.3154 [Multilang]... ;-)   
    Hi... to find switches you must do this:
    Run offline installer in Virtual Machine and wait to the program is iddle (yo can see Google offfer window) Go to %temp% folder and copy _av_iup.tm~a*** folder to other location Finalize installation and then open C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Persistent Data\Avast\Logs\Setup.log file with Notepad Search for instup.exe" /edition (in line 9 +-) Command: '"C:\Users\Administrador\AppData\Local\Temp\_av_iup.tm~a00668\instup.exe" /edition:1 /ga_clientid:124e581d-f162-47a7-a518-f372afb62e8d /guid:21e128e4-bea6-4bc6-b618-a46c75ccefec /prod:ais /sfx /sfxstorage:C:\Users\Administrador\AppData\Local\Temp\_av_iup.tm~a00668' You can edit comand like this: You must run command from the folder that contain Avast files copied from temp folder Change C:\AvastFiles for your own folder edition:1 is Free version, you can discover the other version numbers by runing same steps installing other Avast versions Cheers... ;-)
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    -=R3p4ck3R=- reacted to alfreire in [Repack] Avast! Free Antivirus 2016 v12.3.3154 [Multilang]... ;-)   
    [Repack] Avast! Free Antivirus 2016 v v12.3.3154 [Multilang]... ;-)
    -To Silent install use /silent or /verysilent...
    -No install Toolbars or other junks...
    Thanks to @darkblood by his installer & silent switches... http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12693-repack-avast-free-antivirus-v902021515-repack-with-silent-install-switch/#entry115021
    Regards... ;-)


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