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Internet Explorer 10 preview for Windows 7 now available


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Just my 2 bits. Nothing spectacular here. Just another IE browser same crap, different pile. Just, my opinion. If you want to hear more, just ask. But I just don't see anything more than just another bloated M$ IE browser. Preview? Haa! Dont expect anything interesting in the final release.

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Well, I don't like this software either, but as I can't refrain from it (it's necessary for some M$ downloads), I want to have the latest version available.

That's all, the relevant tasks will be done with Firefox or Chromium (i.e. real browsers).

Back to topic: I've seen (english and localised) .exes and .cabs so far.

There also seems to be 4 Updates for Windows needed for a newly installed Windows 7 SP1 (x64) prior to launch IE10's setup.

The fascinating question is: How can I inject the preview (and its dependending updates) into the install.wim?

Are there any ideas, suggestions, scripts?

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Right now Win Toolkit integrates IE first, prior to any other update. I don't know why Lego chosed this, probably due to a request, but I don't remeber the reson for it. Maybe because people also integrate language packs for IE... dont know.

If you are correct, then when IE10 final build (and its .msu) will be out (hopefully next month) Lego will have to change this behaviour and implement a more elegant solution. :)

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